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The Fake Beats by Dre Facebook Giveaway

The Fake Beats by Dre Facebook Giveaway

Have you seen a post allegedly from Beats by Dre, claiming to be giving away products that can’t be sold because they were unsealed? Is this real or fake? Today we’ll take a look.

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It’s a hoax. Beats By Dre is not running such a promotion.

First, let’s take a look at the caption being used to promote this hoax:

We have got 1,239 boxes of Dre Beats and 250 Monster Beats By Dr Dre Studio Limited Edition that can’t be sold because they have been unsealed. Therefore we are giving them away for free.

Want a pair? Just Share this photo & Like our page and we will choose 1,239 people completely at random on March 15th.

Good luck!

– Dre

This fake Facebook page is not affiliate with Beats by Dre.

This is merely another example of the new fake “unsealed” giveaways popping up on Facebook.

There are several things to consider with this fake promotion, the first being that there is an official Beats by Dre Facebook page with over 5 million followers, and it says nothing about such a promotion. The official Beats by Dre website says nothing about it either. We have seen at least two fake Beats by Dre pages. The first one was taken down after about 2 days. The newer one is still up as of this writing. It seems as if they simply took the cover photo from the real Facebook page and uploaded it to use as their own. The real Beats by Dre Facebook page has a continuous stream of posts going back to 2009.

It is likely that this fake promotion simply exists to build likes for a Facebook page that will be renamed and sold later. Virtually all of the posts made on the fake Facebook page seem geared toward likes and shares, such as “If we can get to 50,000 likes by tonight, we will be DOUBLING the prize pool for more chances to win for everyone!”

Why do it?
These pages are designed to gain as many likes as possible, which will in turn be re-sold to a business which will rename it, delete all of the fake “promotion” posts, and have an instant “fan” base of tens of thousands of dollars.

It’s likely that these pages will be gone before whatever deadline they set, and there will certainly be no prizes given away. It should be noted that they were brazen enough to sign the fake promotion with “- Dre” – which means they’ll say anything to gain likes for their page.

We’d like to thank our reader on Facebook who tipped us off to this scam.


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  • Ann

    There’s another one going around again this month. When you look at the history it says joined April 30, 2013. That’s today!! That tipped me off.

  • L. Barth

    Maybe I’m a little dense, but how do thousands of likes translate into $?

    • waffles

      A company will buy the page from the people who created it. This Yahoo UK article gives some additional details, and in it they claim that a page with 100,000 likes sells for about $200.

      • L. Barth

        Thanks for the link. I’m starting to get the idea.

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