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Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen Restaurant: No Prices on the Menu

Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen Restaurant: No Prices on the Menu

Rocker Jon Bon Jovi owns a restaurant with no prices on the menu, which allows guests to work in exchange for their meals.

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Soul Kitchen

The Soul Kitchen Community Restaurant is located in Red Bank, New Jersey and is a non-profit restaurant run by the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation. It offers community seating and a menu without prices. Customers can pay a minimum $10 donation, or work in exchange for their meals. The 3-course meals include soup or salad, main course, and dessert.

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A popular internet meme states the following:

Jon Bon Jovi has a restaurant that has no prices; guest pay whatever they can or volunteer in exchange for their meal.

The meme is mostly true, however guests can’t pay “whatever they can” for a meal, as it must be the minimum donation, which as of July 2015 is $10 per person. Guests often pay more than the $10 donation in order to help support the center. The official website describes the concept in the following manner:

JBJ Soul Kitchen is a community restaurant with no prices on the menu; customers donate to pay for their meal. If you are unable to donate you may do volunteer work in exchange for your family’s meal.

Those who opt to work for their meals can help prepare food, bus tables, stock items, wash dishes, or a variety of other tasks around the restaurant.

Soul Kitchen (Official Website)

Updated July 27, 2015
Originally published July 2013

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