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Did Justin Bieber Stab Selena Gomez?

Did Justin Bieber Stab Selena Gomez?

A rumor circulating on the internet claims that Justin Bieber stabbed Selena Gomez. Is this rumor true or false?

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The rumor is false, and is part of a spam campaign.

A rumor circulated in early 2012 completely without merit or evidence. It’s possible in that case that someone misread a recent headline which stated “Justin Takes a Stab at Selena” which implied Bieber insulted his ex-girlfriend.

Justin and Selena

Justin Bieber did not stab Selena Gomez.

The two stars were on different continents when the rumor began, so such a stabbing would be quite difficult to pull off. Gomez is in the UK while Bieber is in the U.S.

YouTube Comment

Not long after the original “Justin stabbed Selena” rumor spread, spammers began using it in YouTube comments and on Twitter. The following comment has been spammed on YouTube several times over the past few months:

Justin Bieber just now was spotted running from Selena Gomez’s hotel coated in blood!
No one understands the full story as of yet but there are stories of a massive argument. You can actually view eye witness video of him fleeing here (Link Removed)

The link in the comment will take you to a fake video player, which wants you to verify your age before viewing. There is no video, and these links have been identified as malicious by Google.

If you have any additional info on this rumor and where it possibly began, please drop us a comment below.

Article updated August 5, 2013


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  • Sam C

    The rumour quickly became a vehicle for SPAM on many websites, including YouTube, Facebook. Spammers know that people will read the headline and click on the links — which are very often malicious.

  • anonymus

    it’s weird how this comment appears on videos that have nothing to do with selena or justin! lol BUT i did find the comment while i was watching rihanna’s video, unfaithful. it’ll be easy to find because its at the top. and it was also written by user “Mathilde Simmons”.

  • Simone

    I’ve now seen three places on youtube this rumours been written. Twice on “What makes you beautiful” and on “Best song Ever” by One Direction. All three comments were written by Mathilde Simmons.

  • Simone

    I’ve seen the rumour on One Directions YouTube video “What makes you beautiful” as a top comment. It was written by a Mathilde Simmons.
    What was written is similar to the one written in the description. The writer used synonyms for a few words.

  • Kayleigh

    It was on one directions best song ever video

  • Kayla

    Also The Comment on the psy gentleman song was by another person not boosterararaignscool or maybe him with another account but i think this is a rumor because of how was he the first person to know about it

  • not a day without selena!

    its also commented at the gangnam style video the link is still there too, hope it helps too! I <3 Selena Gomez!

  • sara

    Well my friend show me this video of psy new song gentlemen the comment is also there


    when i watched one way or another by 1D, the same comment was one of the top comments, but written by Genevieve Holden. when i saw it i went bananas cuz i luv bieber and selena.e i suggest u and ur team investigate thoroughly next time, before posting such crazy nonsense. (i mean this is just going to cause bad stuff 2 happen. this is rediculous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)somepeople just need 2 take a chillpill, stop hating and stop causing more problems for the world. earth already has enough PROBLEMS !!!!!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY !!!!!!!!

  • hussin

    I opened the link…it’s a spanish sport newspaper named (Marka) 😛

  • Allison Gu

    The comment is also on Selena’s “Come and Get It” music video on YouTube, and the link is still there. It’s one of the top comments, so it’s quite easy to find. Hope that helps1

    • AW

      It is also top comment on Justin’s “Boyfriend” on youtube with the link attached

  • korbin carrier

    It started when one youtube user posted this comment on every JB Vevo video, below is the comment.

    Justin Bieber was recently spotted fleeing Selena Gomez’s hotel covered in blood!
    Nobody? understands the entire story as of yet but there are accounts of a huge fight. You’ll be able to view eye witness movies of justin fleeing at this site (Link Removed)

    • waffles

      Thanks for the info! The link came back malicious, so we removed it.

      • Me

        OMG the link… I want to see. This page is being -__- bias.

        • waffles

          We respectfully disagree that removing a link identified by Chrome as malicious is being biased.

          • Ben

            Let them have a free virus if they like…
            Waffles your’e so mean 😉 lol

    • Sandclaw Rox

      Ya I read the comment and panicked. I used to like bieber but now I don’t know whats true or false about him.

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