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Debunked: Giant Snake in the Red Sea

Debunked: Giant Snake in the Red Sea

A series of images showing a giant snake loaded onto a truck has circulated online for several years. An associated story tells of a massive snake which killed 320 tourists and 125 divers in Egypt. Are the images and the story real?

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It is a hoax.

Let’s first take a look at the story which has circulated since at least 2012.

AMAZING GIANT SNAKE . Found in the Red Sea that killed 320 tourists and 125 Egyptian diver, and has been the killed by a professional team of elite Egyptian scientists and qualified divers in Egypt. Names of scientists who participated in the process of catching the huge snake were: D. Karim Mohammed, d. Mohammed Sharif, d. Mr. Sea, d. Mahmoud students, d. Mazen Al-Rashidi. And the names of divers who participated in the process of catching the huge snake were: Ahmed leader, Abdullah Karim, fisherman Knight, Wael Mohammed, Mohammed Haridi, spears Alvajuma, Mahmoud Shafik, a full-Sharif. The Snake body has been transferred to in the Egypt morgue at Sharm El Sheikh international animal.

Not News

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The discovery of such a massive creature would certainly be headline news around the world, yet no major news organization ever reported this snake or the associated killings as described above. The only websites we found reporting this story have done so without citing any corroborating sources. Those who believe the photo to be real point to the fact that Google will return several sites reporting this story. The problem is that all of these sites are merely referencing the lone story about the snake, and none of the sites reporting it are reputable news services. A few bloggers have repeated the narrative verbatim, which is not sufficient proof as to the veracity of the report.

Not a single Egyptian news organization has reported this supposed massive creature and loss of life. There have also been no follow-up stories or photos in the three years since we first published this article.

The images

Upon closer inspection, the images of the “massive snake” appear to be that of a real snake on a toy truck. This staged scene appears to have been photographed at close range, giving the appearance that the snake is very large. The photos are usually circulated in a very low quality format, which makes it difficult to discern if the photo is real or not. We were able to locate a higher-resolution version, however, and when you view these high-res images, it becomes obvious that this is nothing more than a toy truck and toy soldiers alongside what appears to be an ordinary snake.

First, let’s look at the low-res images circulating around the internet. The poor quality makes it difficult to tell if the photos are real or not.

Now let’s take a look at a higher-resolution image, where it becomes apparent that the truck and soldiers are simply toys.


Largest Snakes in the World

According to National Geographic, the largest snakes in the world are anacondas, which can grow up to about 550 pounds. The snake depicted above would weigh many tons and is far larger than the largest snakes ever discovered.

Bottom Line

The story and photos which allegedly show a giant snake captured in the Red Sea are fake. It appears that a real snake was photographed on a toy truck along with toy soldiers, and a fake back-story was fabricated and circulated with the set of photos. We first published this story in August 2012, and it has continued to circulate ever since.

Updated May 17, 2015
Originally published August 2012

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  • African

    If this is unreal whts those thing holding da head of that snake on pictr 2? But again if tht is real whts the bicycle doing there, cos it is claer tht u cnt ride a bicycle towards the sea since there is a lot of sand there? Hw did those people kill tht snake? Really its amazing cos no 1 knows hw the snake was killed. Cn one of those who killed it come foward & explain cos realy here it seems lyk we only going to argue without having backround. If they dnt show up then it means they r fooling wth us

    • Kat

      If you look at the bottom pictures closely, you can see the toy truck and how it handles the weight of this “Giant Snake”. If the snake was really that size and the truck were real, that snake would literally be crushing the truck. But it appears that the snake is barely even putting weight on it. Also,if this “Giant Snake” were really on a truck, wouldn’t the tires dig into the sand easily? This also proves that this is fake, you can tell that the snake is small and barely puts weight on the toy truck.

  • saleh karama

    Peaple make things that they imagine while nothing is imposible to god if they wish to see such aa big snake inshallah god will show them

  • haitham

    wtf is that, i’m an egyptian living in egypt, and this never happened, and no egyptian news online, or tv or paper ever wrote something like this. who the hell write this stuff, a stoned idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • can’t b fooled

    I’m tired of what its hppnng,when people will stop lying? even an eight months child can c dat its a fake.those who blv it they nid professional help..

  • Silverman

    Thanx man for revealing the truth. Thanx a lot!

  • mano

    snake is a real one,loaded on a toy truck.IT’S A HOAX!!!!

  • Adi P

    Giant snake from Vietnam War!

    Look at the toy soldiers, they are North Vietnamese Army and Vietcong.

  • ChinoF

    Any scale modelers around? You will notice that the truck may be a MAZ-537G by Trumpeter in 1/35 scale. It seemed well-modeled, but it’s obvious that it is a model.

  • ashamed of humanity

    Agreed and there was once a big snake its called the titanboa it was 40ft long and over 2 ton, the biggest snake now is a captive bred reticulated python named fluffy at 27ft . The second is baby a Burmese at 24ft and the third Twinkie a reticulated python at 22ft beautiful creatures but bad reputations just like pit bulls

  • ashamed of humanity

    This is so fake its a toy solider and a toy truck zoomed in at a high percentage ,that is also a king snake or yellow bellied racer , and for who ever said young snakes eat there mother WOW HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE. Do your facts first yes only some snakes have live young , and others have eggs. The mother will lay her young or eggs she will stay with the young for a Little bit then they will slither off on there own the mother will go on in her own way as well as for eggs the same thing once they hatch . Advice learn and go back to school seriously is this what humanity has brought.

  • vernon

    It is a real snake, but magnified about 40 times it’s size.

  • fetuga

    Is it true? I can’t believe it

  • Althaf

    Guys can u see a a small kept on the second image………….totally fake.Notice the Tyre is totally brand new and see the sky in last picture you could edited sky…………bye

  • Richard

    OMG! This is could pass for real (PICS 1, 2, and 4) except the pic where the soldier’s in.


    It is all lairs, to create argument all over the world. Tell me the place where the snake is kept, i will go and see by my self. the maker of the photo has achieved his aims, as every one want to know about the snake. it is similar to the story my mother told my about the rain bow when i was a child

  • ali

    Its real snake loaded on a toy truck. That’s all. You can easily recognize the soldier toy”s look on the truck.

  • Tina

    Me too me too wanna travel to Egypt.
    I eagerly want to c dat huge snake with my
    Eyes. M comin soooooon

  • standard

    This a true lies, cos one tin I knw is dat, once a snake gives birth, its dies, cos d baby snake wil eat d mother snake frm inside inorder to find dre way out. Abeg, dis snake na barren or wat happen. Infat I wil travel to egypt, I wan go c am wit my korokoro eye. Liars!!!

    • Bec

      Where did you hear this? Those snakes who do give birth (as opposed to laying eggs), and this is more common in sea snakes than land dwelling snakes, just squirt out the young and continue on their way.
      Sea snakes don’t breed often, either, so this would not be much of a survival tactic for the species.

  • Bode

    Look too unreal to be true.

  • No1editor

    It’s not true the army guy in the picture is a toy, notice how his outfit is lit up from the light. Since when does army clothes reflect light.

  • abdel

    au fait on est dans le 21 eme siecle et il y a plusieurs moyens d’informations,vu que cette nouvelles n’a pas été diffusé dans les medias c’est faux et archifaux

  • Alokesh Bagchi

    true…. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un….

  • PhotoshopKing

    Everything in the pic is real.. BUT the snake is actually 4ft long and mounted on a toy truck. Notice the toy soldier on top. The picture was taken at a low angle to give that perspective impression of size. And by the way, what is that toy military tank doing there i=f they claimed scientists and drivers killed it? And why hasnt the news flooded youtube with various camera and video angles? Ah let me guess, the citizens of Egypt do not have camera cell phones lol.

  • Brij Nandan

    This is not real. See carefully the 2nd picture. You will find a man on the truck, that is a toy. See how straight positioned he is. And his color tone is not also humans.
    Why truck is so clean? Normally tires of any vehicle have little bit dirt or mud. It means truck is also a truck.
    Snake is looking real but i am wondering how the divers killed him, because snake have a wound on mouth only. Were they punched with a huge hammer or tree? See, no bullet mark or blood or teared skin on the body.
    So, how the hell people are thinking its real.
    Its all fake. Someone shooted a snake with close range and composed wth background. That’s it.

    • elkjellvis

      Oh no Brij Nandan, that snake is real. I know it for a fact!

  • james

    Things like this never happen but may happen so can itbe the end of the world ? may be not.!!!

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