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Are Hackers Posting “Visit the New Facebook” Links?

Are Hackers Posting “Visit the New Facebook” Links?

Have you seen a warning about a hacker posting links that say “Visit the New Facebook”? Today we’ll take a closer look at this warning.

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We have found no evidence that it’s real, though in general Facebook phishing does exist..

Neither Facebook nor security companies have ever confirmed that this specific scam exists. This warning also made its rounds a couple of years ago, and in the years since then, we have found no evidence that such a post has been made.

Let’s take a look at the warning itself as seen in 2013:


If someone in your profile or a friend sends you a LINK that says “Visit the new Facebook” do NOT open it. If you do, you’re sure to say GOODBYE to your Facebook account. This is actually a trap by a HACKER who steals your details and REMOVES you permanently from your own page. Please share this to your wall and everyone on your friends to help them too.

Notice that it says “remove you from your own page.” This refers to earlier variants that issued warnings to Facebook page owners.

If this post were going around, it would be wise not to click on the link because there is no such thing as the “New Facebook.” When new Facebook features are introduced, it’s difficult¬†not to hear about them.

Here is a variant spotted in April 2013.

Here is a variant spotted in April 2013.

Phishing & Malware Apps
Even though we haven’t seen the specific post in the warning above, phishing and malware apps on Facebook are a real problem. In many cases, a link is shared which takes you to a realistic-looking Facebook sign-in page. If you ever see these types of links, be very careful.

If you ever feel that your account may have been compromised, you should change your password as soon as possible. You should also check your Facebook apps and remove any that you don’t recognize or use. See our article on how to remove a Facebook app for more info.

Bottom Line
This specific warning does not appear to be real, but you should always be careful when clicking on questionable links.

Have you seen similar phishing links posted on Facebook, or do you have anything to add to this article? Please drop us a comment below!

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