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Classic Fake Photo: Tim Tam Human Flesh Warning

Classic Fake Photo: Tim Tam Human Flesh Warning

A graphic which has circulated online for four years shows a Tim Tam label with a warning that it may contain human flesh. Is this real or fake?

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The photo is fake.

Tim Tams are chocolate biscuits produced in Australia. The graphic first came to light in March 2011 when Weird Al tweeted it. It isn’t clear if Weird Al had a hand in creating the image or if he merely passed it on, but that is certainly when the graphic began spreading online. The warning reads, “May contain traces of peanuts and human flesh.”

Two things easily debunk this graphic. First, allergy warnings do not appear by themselves in this manner on the side of the packaging. Allergy warnings actually appear near the ingredients. Second, inspection of Tim Tam wrappers from that time showed that no such warning exists.

There is clearly no warning on this package of Tim Tams.

This allergy warning is fake.

Search History

The Google Trends graph below shows search interest in this topic. It shows several peaks occurring over the past few years. Despite the graph below, we have seen some interest in the photo in mid-2015.

Bottom Line

The graphic showing a “human flesh” warning on the side of a Tim Tam package is fake. It has been circulating for several years and popularized on social media when it was tweeted out by Weird Al.

Updated July 27, 2015
Originally published January 2013

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  • gunniesack

    I guess the mystery is solved. I thought Timmy and Tammy had/ disappeared

  • Cakes

    @kat, I’ve eaten almost every type of Tim tams there are, and NONE have ever had this warning. Anyone who believes this is gullible and stupid.

    • Telondae

      Perhaps anyone who took Kat’s playful remark as serious can also be considered gullible.

  • Timothy Campbell

    Human beings desquamate (shed skin) naturally. Indeed, an appreciable portion of dust in the average house is dead skin, or so I’ve heard. Thus, it’s possible that any food-stuff made in something other than a completely sterile room might have a few tiny bits of “human flesh” on it. The sandwich you had for lunch probably had some of yours.

    Hope I didn’t gross anybody out. :)

    • a concerned citizen

      Dear Mr Campbell,
      I regret to inform you that i read your response to this article and was in fact “grossed out”as a result of reading your post, i began vomiting uncontrollably and unfortunately, destroyed half of my house by doing so, i then fell to the ground within the vomit soaked remains of my house, reached into my pocket and removed a handful of ravioli, i then began forcing the ravioli into my mouth while singing the Pokemon theme tune.
      yours sincerely, A Concerned Citizen.

      • Miguel

        This is the most hillarious post I have ever read!

      • Becca

        You are disgusting! What the fu*k are you on!!

    • Nigel

      Thats so sad. Are u alright ?

      • Pooped on a turtle

        No i have cancer now

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