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Man Dragging Dog Behind Motorcycle in China: Real or Hoax?

Man Dragging Dog Behind Motorcycle in China: Real or Hoax?

A disturbing photo is circulating online which shows a man dragging a helpless dog behind a motorcycle, while he coldly stares directly at the camera. Is this photo real or a hoax?

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The Story
The photo appears to be real real and is accompanied by a story reported by China Daily in February 2010. The story reports that the photo was uploaded by one of its readers who saw the man dragging the dog along the highway in Fuzhou, which is the capital of the Fujian Province in China. The user’s description of the scene was reported as follows:

“I rolled down my car window and asked the man to stop. However, the man speeded up and drove away. The dog couldn’t bark due to the chains around its neck, and its four legs were bleeding. The speed of the motorbike was about 50 km per hour at the time.”

If you look closely at the front tire of the image of the man on the motorcycle (see below for full image), you can easily see that his tires are in fact moving. For this reason, it doesn’t appear to be a staged or fake scene.

The Shared Images on Facebook
There are actually two images shared on Facebook. The ubiquitous image of the man on the motorcycle, and another image of an injured German Shepherd puppy in a cage. The caption reads:

This man deserves to suffer!
1 Like = 1 Punch
1 Share = 1 Kick + Punch

There is also a link to the website lolsomuch.com, which appears to have no relation to this photo at all. It’s this author’s opinion that the caption is designed to piggyback traffic to their website on the heels of outrage sparked by the photo. To share an outrageous photo and immediately tell people to like or share is more indicative of someone attempting to generate traffic based on outrage, especially with an unrelated link included.

The Second Photo
The bottom of the two images shared on Facebook is that of a German Shepherd puppy with severe leg injuries. Those circulating the image would have us believe that this is the dog being dragged behind the motorcycle in the other photo. I could find no evidence that the bottom photo of the injured dog is in fact the animal in question. A reverse Google image search shows no matches, while TinEye has three results from http://liaoning.nen.com.cn, but the pages on which those images appear no longer contain the image of the injured dog.

There were no reports that the man or dog had been found, so a follow-up picture such as this appears dubious. Further, if we compare a closeup of the dog being dragged with the injured dog in the shared photo (below), you can see that the injured dog has a fully-black snout, while the dog being dragged has lighter fur surrounding the nose. It’s almost certainly not the same dog.


If you have any additional information on this story, or if you would like to share your reaction, please comment below.

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  • Janene Le Boydre-Rooke

    This is a real story. I saw a pick – same person – same bike – same dog but from a different angle….believe you me that dog was being pulled along alive :( :( The pic I saw had the legs at different angles and it was struggling to breathe…….utmost cruelty :(

  • Snow

    For one reason do I doubt this photo being truly real. The dog being dragged has no blood behind it. If it were being dragged: fur, blood and skin would be left behind the dog. But since there isn’t any, either the dog has already been dead for a while and bled out… Or the man isn’t moving very fast… Or it’s fake. The road kill idea is rather true, but the dog would be in a body bag. I once had the horrid duty of cleaning up after a dog was -accidentally- dragged after jumping from a truck. And there was blood and fur stuck to the asphalt. But if it was really cold, the fur and skin might not be there. But the blood would, and should.

  • Guardian

    This guy is going to prison where he will be raped to death by big bubba and left to rot in hell forever if there’s any justice in the world.

  • Ariette

    I agree with what many people said about this being a hoax. The fact that the picture is nearly perfectly outlined almost certainly proves that the man was not moving at the time. If, indeed, he was moving at 50 mph, it would be nearly impossible to take this photo this clearly. Also, I agree the dogs are not the same. And that the dog behind the motorcycle was probably already dead, and the man is simply cleaning the streets.

  • The Diligent Dragon

    Well spotted. I noticed the same things. The rope is also bent. It would not be. You, my friend, are either a Photographer or a Graphic Designer. If you search, there is another picture of this from another angle. It makes you wonder.

  • The Diligent Dragon

    I am not entirely sure this is real. Notice the rope is bent. Also the kickstand is down. No one rides like this. It impairs a left turn. While the front wheel appears to be in motion, the back wheel does not. To the person suggesting that they use the license plate, This appears to be military personnel. If this is China, then they do not care. I saw a video of a little girl getting run over several times and no one did squat to help. An old lady finally pulled her out of the road. There are very harsh laws when it comes to helping others who are hurt in China. You take them to the hospital, you are responsible for them. Besides, if they really eat dogs, then why would they care anyway? China will not extradite one of their citizens. Not that this calls for extradition anyway. It happened in China. Let them deal with it.

  • katherine

    He’s Asian, that says it all. Deserves to be dragged behind a motorcycle until he has no skin. What a piece of non-human garbage he is. And that goes for all those who witnessed it and did nothing to help the poor dog.

  • Kira

    This tore me in half, I came upon these pictures when making an anti-animal abuse poster. It’s the top one, and below it is written ‘What did I do to deserve this?!’. This cruel man should get dragged by a mototcycle himself and see how bad it is.

  • Gerald Dixon Cummings

    Actually, the dog he’s dragging appears to be in rigor mortis, in fact the dog is likely dead. That dog and the poor beat up puppy ain’t the same dog. You really had me going there. Prit near bought a plane ticket to China.

  • Gerald Dixon Cummings

    Nah, nah, no…that MF deserves a taste of his own medicine. Five years in a dungeon of my choosing, under a regiment of my pay-back techniques, and the faecal matter would be a blubbering idiot afraid of his own shadow. I’d have absolutely no problems making him eat half himself. He’s got to eat, and every day I’d be slicing something offa him. Mixed with some rotten onions, he’d just guzzle it up. Then I’d ask him how he tasted…then the pain would commence. Brutal for Creem Of Sum Yung Gi there, but a riot for me.

  • Juan J


    you are absolutely correct.

  • Juan J

    Then the two front legs of the dragged dog are perfectly parallel. Doubt a live dog would do that while being dragged, it would be scrambling all over the place to stand up by trying to put its feet on the ground.

    And one last thing, would not the rider be at high risk of being bitten if he actually tried to pull a live full-sized dog?

    • waffles

      You have a good point with the “roadkill” theory, which is definitely a plausible explanation. Note that the legs don’t appear parallel in the top image (click it to enlarge).

  • Juan J

    And also notice how the rider behind him is wearing the same military fatigues? They were likely working as a team on this roadkill disposal.

  • Juan J

    The dog in the bottom picture is a young pup and is suffering from clean dog bites that cleanly tore its flesh off. In contrast, the dog being dragged was full grown and was likely already dead (hence why it was not barking). The dragging would result in exposed flesh which is red, but there is no way to distinguish if an animal is shedding muscle or bleeding while being dragged on pavement at 50KM per hour, as no animal can bleed that fast from just surface wounds. The rider is wearing a work hat and work fatigues, and is possibly a disenchanted city worker disposing of smelly roadkill.

    The internet is a crazy place, so please check your facts before jumping to conclusions from a picture that was clearly mistmatched with another picture. In addition, if the news article mentioned above is true, then the lady who took the picture had no way of taking the subsequent picture as well.

  • Peter

    Well the wheels on the bike look still only because the bike may not be travelling very fast. The kick-stand is up so the bike must be moving. He obviously doesn’t care about the dog being dead or barely alive when he got where he was going as it was probably eaten aanyway.

  • Carol

    Even if this is fake or if the cycle isnt really moving as some have pointed out, it is appaling to even suggest that he was or is doing this….And I agree the 2nd photo of dog injured doesnt appear to have the injuries in the right places or even the right size or coloring…If it DID happen they best trce his ycle. but being China doubt anything would come of this. They are reported to be light on Human in Cina so cant imagine dogs have any at all.

    • Gerald Dixon Cummings

      True enough. Humans have no rights over there, so what rights do dogs and cats have? The right to be eaten.

  • Nanette

    Seriously this is in China, they skin racoon dogs alive, they eat dogs, rats, cats……..

    Just another day for these heathens

  • zoza

    jadna zivotinja nastrada ni kriva ni duzna vec zato samo sto pruza ljubav s vom gospodaru a on joj ovako uzvrati treba ga na kolac nabiti pa peci na vatri zbog ovog jadnog psa i sve ostale isto koi muce zivotinje………..

  • mandy

    this is definitely real. at least the man dragging the dog behind the motorcycle. there is video of it on another site. they showed a police officer at the end, it’s all in spanish though so im unsure whether they cought the jerk hole or not

    • Allie

      Seriously? Has he really been caught? I hope so, and hope they made the piece of scum suffer too. Now they should put up his name and picture everywhere

  • Lydia

    I think he needs to be dragged by the bike tooo!!!

    • Gerald Dixon Cummings

      Drag the thing to my place…I’ll pay for your troubles. Once he’s here and the red light goes on…well…its hell, for a-hole.

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