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Mermaid Sighting in Kiryat Yam: Real or Hoax?

Mermaid Sighting in Kiryat Yam: Real or Hoax?

A video allegedly shows a real mermaid captured on tape by two men. Is this real or fake?

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It’s fake.

Let’s first take a look at the video which has been circulating since mid-2013.

The video (below) shows what appears to be a creature on a rock formation near the coast. The men in the video discuss what they are seeing, at first thinking it could be a seal. When the camera zooms in on the creature, it appears to be a mermaid which looks back and then enters the water. The men are dumbfounded by the amazing sight.

The video, entitled “Mermaid Sighting in Kiryat Yam,” is a fictional presentation created for a special entitled Mermaids: The New Evidence which first aired on Animal Planet on May 26, 2013. It is a follow-up to the 2012 special entitled Mermaids: The Body Found. The 2013 “New Evidence” special aired as part of Monster Week.

Both of these “mockumentary” presentations depict fictional encounters with strange creatures, as seen in this video.

Take a look at the video which was released as a sneak peak by Animal Planet in advance of the mermaid special:

2012 Press Release

In a press release relating to the original 2012 “Body Found” special, Animal Planet noted, “This two-hour special is science fiction based on some real events and scientific theory.”

NOAA Statement

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has weighed in on the mermaid issue, stating, “No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found.”

Bottom Line

The “mermaid sighting” video is not real. It was part of a fictional special by Animal Planet and Discovery Channel.

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Updated December 28, 2014
Originally published May 2013

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  • todd

    New animals are discovered every day. No one has seen God and millions believe. Why not mermaids? History has proven us wrong before.

  • Hi

    It could of been another type of mermaid thing that looks like a mermaid. 😀 😀

  • Molly

    Who’s to say mermaids are real or fake? Unless, someone in the government, or higher-up are hiding the evidence from the general public for a reason or cause they can… Not that I am saying I know all. I don’t, but, if mermaids are real I would love to know for sure!

    • waffles

      Except, of course, the complete lack of evidence. :-)

  • Oscar Petteway

    The government has hidden so much from us. Is it a cover up or what?

    • waffles

      They described the special as “science fiction.”

  • Come Entquin

    Fake. Animal Planet admitted it was fake.

  • Amen

    if that was CGI… i must say… very impressive. whoever made the CGI should come out and take all the credits. i admire his/her passion in making computer generated images to make people believe on unbelievable things. until he/she shows up, i would want to believe it’s an unknown sea creature, if not a mermaid.

  • 805one

    In the mid 90s a friend and myself where surfing at peco creek , San Simion Ca. While the whales were there! I seen what I thought was a diver with no mask wactching me from farther out in the water near some large rocks but it had a crest on its head a bit and I no it wasn’t an otter! I watched this critter and it watched me for about 30min. I noticed it over the otters and such because it was intently watching me! I yelled for my friend and he only saw it go under as he looked in its direction. Never seen anything like it. It was what the scientists found on the mermaid show!

  • chet

    com’on sometimes truth is hidden to appear as false. Nothing is to be taken for granted, we need to keep our minds open. Legends might be true like the Troy once believed to be mere stories.

  • Talula

    I believe in mermaid for sure people don’t want to believe it, The Israeli boys saw her laying on the sand in Kiryat Yam in Israel they saw her tall and her head they boys was in shock they couldn’t believe it when they get close to her she jump to the water. That’s before the video Mermaid sighting in Kiriat Yam Israel that came out on animal plant.

    • Nicki

      Where can I read more about these boys who saw her on the sand and before the ones who saw her on the rock?

  • Sarz95

    Thats a mermaid! Mannnn there ugly af! Hahahahahaha

  • genevie

    mermaid 9 did you really saw a mermaid?or it was just your theory,if there is can you locate it where?did you have a video?prove your answer,im not arguing with you i want to know the reason why do you believe in mermaids

  • mermaid 9

    Mermaids are real,they have gills were the ears are.The male has duck like feet, both male and female have webbed hands.they seem to be intelligent,and are grateful/rewarding for not harming them.mermaids /mermen should be protected and not harmed.

  • River

    After watching the video, paying close attention to the part where the mermaid enters the water, I’d say this is fake. Like many have said, CGI effects could generate the mermaid, or an actor could be on the rock (though I don’t think so). Also, though there is a small splash as the mermaid enters, you must consider that there are a lot of splashes hitting the rock at that moment.
    Also, though I don’t have too good an eye or ear for this, I think the two guys’ reactions were a little off… The video quality is also in question. There are moments too when it doesn’t make sense. Like when the guy says, “I don’t think it’s a seal.” Why did the camera swing around to look at him? And why wasn’t there any light adjustment in the film? If the “mermaid” is so interesting, why have the camera look at your friend when he says that?

    All in all, I think it’s fake. Just my opinion after observing the video

  • Ben

    They admitted the “show” was fake? What show isn’t? That doesn’t mean that Animal Planet doctored the footage they showed. It’s just a presentation of clips people say they captured on camera. Why so quick to judge? Because it is not scientifically proven? Since when is science exact anyways? Science is all about filling the gaps of our knowledge based on theories we created. We don’t really know what the dinosaurs looked like either. Or how man exactly evolved; loads of gaps there, yet people readily accept the theories suggested.
    The main take away from this show for me, is that sonar (sound navigation and ranging) is an issue for marine life – and that’s a fact documented by countless of stranded whales. Another fact is that we are too distracted by money to give a hoot… It’s sad that we need to look for some human-like species that might live in the sea to make it more relevant to our “civilization”.

  • waffles

    It was a dramatization, so probably just CGI.

  • Ben

    “Probably” Computer Generated Image? Why not definitely? Hoaxes can generally easily be disproved. A statement by any government or organization such as NOAA does not carry any weight. Why should any such authority disclose any information they may have to the general public? For what purpose? That said, unfortunately, nothing is real until some authority somewhere claims it is… and there are enough examples of fiction presented as truth – the news is full of ’em. So…ultimately, we can only believe what we ourselves have observed/experienced. And even then we can’t always trust our senses… So what can we believe? As long as money is involved, and it always is, someone somewhere will pay to create the truth that serves them…

  • waffles

    It looks like CGI, but that is merely the opinion here, thus the word “probably.” They admitted the show was fake, so either it was CGI or they had an actor down on the rocks.

  • muddywater

    “its splash”. So what? Look at Hollywood. Superman flies. So, is there a real flying human? You’re an idiot.

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