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Did Michele Bachmann Say the Bible was Written in English?

Did Michele Bachmann Say the Bible was Written in English?

An popular internet meme offers a “quote” by Michele Bachman in which she allegedly says the Bible was written in English. Today we’ll attempt to find out if Michele Bachmann actually spoke those words.

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We could find no evidence Bachmann ever made such a statement.

Let’s first take a look at what has been circulated over the past several months.

A meme featuring a photo of Bachmann includes a “quote” from the Congresswoman, which reads, “Jesus loves America the most. That’s why the Bible is written in English.”

Another variation reads, “Christianity isn’t a Middle Eastern religion. The Bible is written in English.”



The Congresswoman and former Presidential candidate has been no stranger to controversy, and the internet is rife with blog posts devoted to some of her more colorful quotes. Our first guess was that the quote above may have originated with a political satire piece from The Onion or one of its clones. We could, however, find no such article.

In tracing the meme’s online presence, we found some notable appearances online, which include:

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  • December 22, 2013: The meme was posted on Reddit. No source was given.
  • October 25, 2013: It was posted on Google+ with commenters claiming that Bachmann never said it.
  • August 27, 2013: The meme appeared on the United Atheists of America Facebook page.
  • August 1, 2013: It was posted on the blog Seduced by the New.

Some versions of the meme, including the oldest version we could find, include a logo for the Christians For Michele Bachmann (C4MB) Facebook page. That page posts content which pokes fun at the Congresswoman in the name of satire, although not all readers have expressed appreciation for the nature of this content. 

Based on the information above, the Michele Bachmann quote was likely created as a meme for the Christians For Michele Bachmann Facebook page. Consider:

  • We could find no appearances of the meme prior to mid-2013
  • The earliest version of the meme includes the C4MB logo.
  • No news sources or transcripts contain this alleged quote from Bachmann.
  • The quote does not appear in this collection of Bachmann’s most controversial quotes.
  • The quote also doesn’t appear in this Colbert Nation video collage of Bachmann quotes.

Version 3

A new variation of the “Bible in English” quote appeared this week, presumably after the controversial, multi-lingual Super Bowl ad by Coke. It reads, “If English was good enough for Jesus when he wrote the Bible, it should be good enough for Coke.” This meme also sports the Christians for Michele Bachmann logo.


The Photo

The first two versions of the meme above include an outtake photo of Michele Bachmann for her 2011 Newsweek cover shoot. That cover had its own criticism for using what was considered an unflattering image of the Congresswoman.


We have a short YouTube video summarizing the information above:

Bottom Line

There is no evidence that Michele Bachmann said the Bible was written in English. This quote first appeared in mid-2013, and was possibly posted by the satirical Facebook page Christians For Michele Bachmann.

Do you have any information on this meme or the alleged quote by Bachmann? Please let us hear from you in the comments below.

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  • Comics A-Go-Go!

    Michelle’s older brother Randy is managing her 2016 bid for the presidency. Apparently, Michelle is furiously digging into her Bible and Constitutional studies and believes she is well-armed to beat back any contenders. Randy states that Michelle is just getting started and promises that, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” He says we should be confident that Michelle will be “taking care of business” and that when the BACHMANN’16 bus comes barreling through your town, you should just “let it ride.” … I’m not even sure if any of that was funny because it’s after midnight and not a lot of things are making sense right now except Michelle Bachmann’s stand on Obamacare. And that frightens me.

  • Michael

    If Jesus wrote the bible wouldn’t he have written it in Mexican?

  • flootzavut

    What’s both most hilarious and most disturbing about this is that people have to check as to whether Bachmann actually said it or not. Considering some of the stuff that she and others of her ilk have said, when I see memes like that, I feel the need to google to find out if they’re based in truth. Sadly, sometimes they are.

    Judging you, America…

  • Nicky Pyne

    Asher: There was no Israel at the time of Jesus, the area was a Roman Province!

  • Satya

    Who cares if she thinks the Bible was written in English! I want to know if she really thinks Jesus wrote the Bible!!

  • Pope John Paul Ringo George

    Just like the War on Christmas and all that we hold holy, the left-wing commie pinkos are now starting a War on English. It’s an attempt to get believers believing the original bible was written in esperanto.

  • Donna jôdran

    C4mb is a Facebook page that is run by atheists impersonating Christians in order to make fun of Christians and Michele bachmann. It is quite pitiful.

  • Howard Swank

    It amazes me that some people will believe Noah’s ark, but question C4MB. America is suffering from a faith deficit.

  • Mary Juanita Potts

    The Bible was written in American, libs!

    • JimR

      English as we know it didn’t even exist when the Bible was written.

  • Midas J Pena

    the bible was originally written in english then translated to other inferior languages. and in hotel rooms the bible is also english so mexicans won’t steal them. Morans!

  • Robert

    This woman is such an idiot, who cares what she says (another idiot).

  • Ben

    I don’t know. This chick has said so many stupid, stupid things why not just post THOSE words?

    • spookiewon

      Because it would be lying.

  • Gavin Thomas

    I can assure you that all the information on C4MB has been confirmed true by our elite “fact checker” teams. C4MB has never been closed, but has been deactivated for short periods of time so that Obamas drones could not get a lock on us. We will continue to support Michele Bachmann no matter what. Even if it means we are all sent to FEMA camps in Kenya.

  • Justin

    looser than what?

  • Meredith Finkledon

    I don’t understand this controversy. The three bibles in my home are all written in English as have been all the bibles in every church I have attended. I found some non-english ones in the book store, but they all say “translated to” on their covers or in their descriptions. The English one says no such thing. I am baffled that this subject is even up for debate.

    • Asher

      Is this a serious question, or continuation of satire?

      What you probably have in your home and the churches you have attended is the King James Version of teh Bible, which was translated from Latin, which had been translated from Greek, which had been translated from the original Hebrew.

      The “New Testament” was most likely originally written in Aramaic, which was the common language in Israel at the time of Jesus.

      • waffles

        Some members of the Facebook page have apparently found this article, so “continuation of satire” is your likely answer.

        • Asher

          I hope so. I have learned to not under-estimate the potential for ignorance out there…

      • JimR

        English as we know it didn’t even exist when the Bible was written.

  • Amber

    In the name of satire? Who’s he?

  • ollie

    PS to my last comment: “Benghazi!!!!” (or something…)

  • ollie

    We at CFMB ARE every bit as serious as Rep. Bachmann’s political future is! You’ll be crying in your granola when Michele denies President Obama a third term by winning the office of POTUS in 2017!

    • Asher

      She can’t “deny Obama a third term” – there is a two-term limit for presidency/

  • waffles

    Thank you for your enlightened comment.

  • waffles

    We have updated to point to the correct page. We must have missed your spread in Time.

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