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Did Mr. Bean Convert to Islam?

Did Mr. Bean Convert to Islam?

An internet rumor claims that Rowan Atkinson, also known as Mr. Bean, has converted to Islam. Is this true or false?

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The story is false.

Atkinson has made no such a statement, and no major news sources have corroborated this claim. The false assertion appears to have originated around September 28 from websites such as PLS48.net, which wrote (translated via Google):


Picked up networks of news on the social networking site, and other websites morning news announcement Islam comedian global Rowan Atkinson famous as “Mr Bean”¬†surprised the comedian famous “Mr Bean” middle world and artistic announcing entry in the Islamic religion.

Quoted “Echo my “word Mr Bean shows from which the film was offensive to the Prophet – peace be upon him – was a major reason for the discovery of a teacher this true religion, and did not want Mr Bean authorizing the channels of information so, as it could only raise his finger testimony.

According to some sources interested according to the site, that Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi Contact name and the name of Renaissance Movement congratulatory telegram for this artist Qadeer congratulating, calling him stable on the road to the right, waiting to send an official mission to congratulate him.

Indicates the site’s relationship with Sheikh Rashid as “Mr Bean” is related to ancient days was in London. But as long as the Sheikh has a good mentor.

The advantage of this artist’s legendary talent does not possess any artist alive, comedy silent is the home first which is not rivaled by any artist where ever, its launch was in the theater and excelled in hundreds of figures varied but the public is still asking him to return to the unique personality Mr. Bean.

Israellycool.com received a response from Atkinson’s agent who stated she was unaware of any such conversion.

Bottom Line
There is no evidence that Mr. Bean has converted to Islam. Atkinson has made no public statements and his agent is unaware of such a conversion.


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  • Muhammad Sajid

    i am so glad when i hare Mr.Bean is converted to Islam. He is our hero.I invaite to all people,Plzzz study Islam . ISLAM is a true religion.

  • saad

    we will see he is muslem or not?

  • person

    ISLAM is a religion, and is gaining ground with no hatred to others. Faith is a power and stronger than death which you fear though coming soon or late. Do you believe in Jesus, Moses, Abram and other prophets? I do. And I believe in Mohamed too.

  • irfan


    Its not celebraties or any individual who may convert to Islam and thereby gives glory to Islam. Its the other way around. Common people like us do find it ‘supportive’ and take pride in it. (wow! look at my faith!!) what if 99% of the celebrities and big names become Budhists or Christians or Jewish? would that mean that faith is The Truth?

    Also, lets be very nice and calm when talking to others.

  • Divide & Impera

    Divide & Conquer !

    Rowan Atkinson is well-remembered for chosing humours side in the Danish
    Mohammed-conflict, saying it will be impossible to make fun of anything
    if religious people had their way !

    Already now the american-started political correctness is spreading like
    a cancer under the wings of multi-ethnic-society-politics, the very same
    politics which ignores that multi-etnicity is destroying the cohesion of
    the Western countries .

    I like my neighbour, but I don’t want him to move in, seduce my daughter
    demand money from me and then vote on the politician who invited him in !

    BUT perhaps, this is how the subtile threats against known personalities
    who disagrees with fundamentalists (and power-elites ?) works ???

    Are You SURE you want consequences … hrm, I mean, maybe You would feel
    less nervous for Your life if You convert and stop supporting cartoons ?

    This claim (of Rowan Atkinson converting to Islam) is just another example
    of the well-OILED FUD-machinery the propagandists from radical Islam use !

    FUD = Fear, uncertainty and doubt – is a tactic used in sales, marketing,
    public relations, politics and propaganda, but already the romans knew an
    important lesson derived from FEAR, UNCERTAINTY & DOUBT :

    DIVIDE ET IMPERA = Divide & Rule

    The sharia-movement-people want the whole world to incorporate their laws
    and gradually change all nations to islamic and they will use ANY MEANS …

    DIVIDE ET VICI = Divide & Conquer

  • Buzz

    Loon, lol. Says it all really. I’d be willing to bet that this is a load of rubbish. Atkinson is way to clever for the brain washing ways of religions.

  • Deen Mohammad

    it is the duty of every Muslim to do their best and spread the truth and show the right path to every human beings. I pray to Allah to bless all people and show them the right path and reward them Heaven.

  • shafeer

    i want to tell to mr been, in sha allah.see the truth , truth shall free you

  • Huda

    So what? If he really did convert, he won’t be the first celebrity who convert to Islam and he won’t be the last. searching for the truth needs time but also needs mind. open your mind and search for it.


      Huda,,,,,,you are absolutely rite…..Islam is the fast growing religion in West and U.S. Its good sign and its all from Almighty Allah…..

  • Timothy Campbell

    What a weird rumor to invent. What next? Stephen Hawking converts to Scientology?

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