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Did Obama Install a “Muslim Prayer Curtain” in the White House?

Did Obama Install a “Muslim Prayer Curtain” in the White House?

Did President Obama remove flags in the White House and replace them with a “Muslim Prayer Curtain”?

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The claim is false.

Let’s take a look at the claim which has circulated heavily online since late 2013:

For a long time, I have noticed that the decor at the White House has changed since BHO moved in. The Oval Office is now stripped of the traditional red, white, and blue, and replaced with middle eastern wallpaper, drapes, and decor. The hallway that he walks out of to talk to the press now has middle eastern chairs, drapes, etc. And the thing that has bothered me the most is the bright yellow drape behind him every time he speaks from the white house. It has Arabic symbols on it and has been there from the beginning.

What is missing at Barack Hussein Obama’s press conference?

No it is not the teleprompters. See the other president’s pics for a clue.


These photos (typically shared as a single graphic such as the collage above) have circulated since 2010 and include photos of Presidents Reagan through George W. Bush standing in front of American flags, while President Obama stands in front of gold curtains.

The implication in the shared photo above is that President Obama has quietly ditched the American Flag to stand in front of an alleged Muslim symbol, referred to at times as a “Muslim Prayer Curtain” or an “Islamic Prayer Curtain.” It appears that this image first circulated during the 2012 election, as early versions prompted readers to vote against Barack Obama.

Gold Curtains

As evidenced in the images below, gold curtains have hung in the East Room of the White House since at least the 1960’s. The following photos show gold curtains from the Johnson and Ford administrations.



2003 Refurbishment

Although the drapes currently hanging in the East Room of the White House look identical to those historic images above, they are not the same ones installed by Jackie Kennedy back in the early 1960’s. A 2003 makeover saw the installation of new curtains in the East Room. White House curator William Allman told the Washington Post that the same fabric ordered by Jackie Kennedy was used.


Below is a short video summarizing our analysis of the image and claims associated with it.

Google Trends

The Google Trends chart below shows nothing on the search phrase “Muslim Prayer Curtain” prior to late 2013.

Bottom Line

The rumor that President Obama installed a “Muslim Prayer Curtain” in the White House is false. Gold curtains have hung in the East Room of the White House for decades.

Updated February 9, 2015
Originally published November 2013 

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  • Observing U

    How’s that Obama Coming for you Guns thing working out for you? Still have all your guns, I see?

  • Observing U

    Worst Muslim Ever:
    Supports Gay Marraige,
    Supports Women’s right to choose,
    Supports Women’s rights and economic equality.
    I’d say, he’s the BEST Muslim on the planet if he wasn’t so totally the OPPOSITE of Islamic faith. But then again, I guess you prefer to judge a book by the cover that his haters gave you to look at, you know, instead of reality. I hear Georgia By The Sea has a lovely view of a highway.

  • Observing U

    That wouldn’t satiate their blood lust against Obama. They would then accuse him of wasting tax payer money because he wants to convert everyone into homosexual islamic marxist fascists lol.

  • Observing U

    Said Osama Bin Laden, never. Too bad the unemployment is down to 5.1 percent. Now you just look the same as you always have – a total fool.

  • Observing U

    Right because the rich are just going to pay a decent wage without being forced LMAO.

  • Nirihs

    WTF is a “Muslim prayer curtain”, anyway?

  • shiann

    Well I’m a christian by faith but our forefathers has left plenty of Islamic rituals and probably Islamic prayers around the white house especially George Washington cause he was very universal this is why I love him the Queen gave him a second chance just like JESUS did and look what he created and we are acting like rascist,devils I wonder if he’s turning in his grave if u go to the library of congress you will see all types of Islamic fezz’s with all type Muslim names on them and u will also see a picture of Muslims making pilgrimage these were put there by our forefathers so if OBAMA did do this accusation his moving in direction of our forefathers not ignorance we suppose to be a Christian country I don’t think JESUS would be thinking like we are some Muslims no JESUS better than u so called Christians the only issue MUHAMMAD had wit JESUS was he said render what’s to Ceaser2Ceaser MUHAMMAD said render what Ceaser2ALLAH(GOD) but he say’s and teaches JESUS is the star prophet let’s grow up AMERICA!

  • Jackson Scort

    Why is it that the Obama (and main stream media) haters are so backward and unoriginal that they have to regurgitate the Rush Limbaughs of the world with phrases like “leg humping dogs”? Jim Bob, I can not take you seriously and when you use imagery like that to make your point most of us will have stopped listening by the time you do (maybe) get to expressing your own true opinion. I.don’t care if the reason you all hate Obama is because he’s black or because of the obscure statement that you don’t like his politics. Do you even know what his politics are? Don’t forget that he is our democratically elected leader and that has nothing to do with the party he represents. Look it up, and learn how one should act toward the leader of one’s country. Respect the office and love your country… Stop trying to tear it apart!

    • Tim Harvey

      I agree that repeating Rush Limbaugh’s vulgar metaphors is certainly inappropriate. It was inappropriate when Rush said it and it’s inappropriate here as well. But when Jim Bob says that he and other conservatives don’t like Obama’s policies, why did you change it to politics? The two are not the same. That being said, I don’t like Obama’s policies or his politics. He has made it crystal clear through both his policies and his pronouncements that he intends to redistribute wealth in this country. That means he will take from the “haves” and give to the h”have nots.” I disagree with this at a fundamental level. Taking money from people who work and giving it to people who do not is stealing, even though you do it through the IRS. Does that mean that I am disrespecting him or the office of the president? No! When Obama circumvents the Constitution and enacts immigration legislation that Congress refused to pass, am I allowed to criticize his actions? Absolutely! Does that mean that I am disrespecting him or the office of the president? No! In actuality, I believe that it is Obama that is trying to tear this country apart, not Jim Bob.

      • Observing U

        The “haves” have been STEALING from the “Have Nots” through redistributing the WAGES for LABOR to OVERSEAS slave labor ever since BUSH created the outsourcing tax break loophole. I’m guessing here that you prefer to be out of a job since you don’t like OBama’s redistribution of wealth, and prefer Bush’s where you will never see a dime. The Middle Class would not exist without redistribution as Capitalism is the economic policy of PARASITES without government intervention. It means the rich will forever parasitize the poor for their labor. Or as Voltaire much more perfectly stated “The comfort of the rich depends upon an abundant supply of the poor.” – Voltaire.

    • joe

      We hate Hussein because hes a democrat, you stupid son of a b!tch.

      • Observing U

        Of course. You prefer the parasites in the Kochsucking Party.

  • Jim Bob

    Come on Russ, get an original thought. The 99.9% democrat, leg humpin dogs in the mainstream media & all the no/low information voters say the same drivel verbatim, “they do everything because they are racist & don’t like having a President of color. It’s the President’s policies Conservatives hate, not that he is half black.

    • Observing U

      I guess you prefer the policies of crashing the economy like Bush’s Outsourcing tax break loophole did when people lost their jobs by the millions and could no longer afford their mortgages….
      Damn Obama and his 5.1% Unemployment Rate! Why can’t we go back to the good ole reoublican outsourcing days when we were losing 800,000 jobs per month and gas was at $4 bucks a gallon!????? WHY O WHY CAN’T WE GO BACK TO THEN?????

  • Russ

    It never ceases to amaze me the lies people will spread knowingly because they are racist and don’t like having a president of color

    • Randy Ray

      I can’t believe you just called everybody who doesn’t like obama racist. So, using your logic, everybody who calls someone a racist is a hater. You hate people who don’t like obama–you are a hater!!!!

  • T. Hummel

    If you look, the gold curtains are when he speaks in the East Room (where banquets and other events occur). The photos of the others are from TV news at other locations and/or in the White House Press Room where the flag have and do flank the speaker (whoever it is). I’m sure you you Google Presidential press conferences, you will see lots of photos of Obama with flags (including as the false article state “the long hallway” he walks down for some evening press announcements).

  • Anthony Coggins

    Thank you for your PROOF of this false claim. Too many people are grasping at straws to discredit President Obama. This is as false as claiming President Bush was behind 9/11 to manipulate the people to want to attack the Middle East. These types of things do nothing but destroy us. Thank you for your diligence.

  • Terri

    The question remains, why is there no flag behind the President, I am an Obama supporter, to don’t jump on me.

    • Hopper

      Why is there no flag behind? Because there just isn’t! Do think somebody is behind him 24/7 carrying a flag at all times?

      • bob

        The flag was cropped out.

    • Matt N. Jenn

      Because there is no flag in that room. Is there a law that states he has to have a flag behind him all the time?

    • Observing U

      The same reason it wasn’t behind Gerald Ford and Lyndon B Johnson.

  • Mary Ivankovich

    Thank you for clarifying this issue for me, I have a less than intelligent family member who is posting this now on her FB page, it shocked me, and I figured it was totally false, but it helps to know for sure. TY

    • waffles

      We’re glad to help, and grateful that you stopped by!

      • Janne Melin

        The important thing is NOT the cutain but the fact that something else is missing behind him! One thing all the other presidents have draped all around them, what can that be?? THE AMERICAN FLAG!!!!

        • waffles

          The flag is also missing behind Johnson and Ford in the same room.

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