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Oprah’s “Satanic” Eyes: Real or Fake?

Oprah’s “Satanic” Eyes: Real or Fake?

A popular YouTube video claims that Oprah Winfrey’s eyes “turned Satanic on live TV” but the crowd was too “stupid to realize it.” Is this video real or fake?

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The video is fake.

The video, which has since been removed, showed Winfrey during her 2008 interview with Tom Cruise. At the 12-second mark of the video, Oprah reacted to Cruise’s statement, “I don’t want to disappoint her.” Winfrey’s eyes close, and “satanic” eyes momentarily appear. The crowd and Cruise continue without apparently noticing anything amiss.

The video, despite having over a million views, appeared to have been doctored, perhaps superimposing shots of Winfrey’s eyes both closed and opened to achieve this effect. Take a look at the unaltered video, at about the 2:20 mark of the video below. You’ll see that Oprah merely closes her eyes, and then opens them while looking upward. No “satanic” eyes are seen.

Below are screen captures at the same moment of the fake and the real videos.



We have a short YouTube video discussing this video, as seen below:

Bottom Line

Oprah Winfrey’s eyes did not “turn Satanic” on live TV during her interview with Tom Cruise. The video has been altered to achieve this effect.

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  • Chris

    Hmm. I’m in agreement with you, she’s definitely chock full ol’ nuts.

    However, some of the other things you claim shows your willingness to believe without a doubt that your particular spiritual inclinations are the only ones with validity. And of course, since it is written in the Bible, it MUST be true.

    I won’t even bring up the fact that some of what Christians take as fact are really just their interpretation of the book. Some of them aren’t written in there or implied, even. They are just things that other people practice, and if they aren’t in the Bible, then they must be Satanic in nature.

    Also, “Leviathan”, as far as what’s stated in the bible, has nothing to do with pride. It is described as a sea monster, or dragon. Just like Behemoth is a monstrous land creature. Just wanted to let you know…


  • Adam C

    Thanks for the original. I have no doubt that she is chock-full-o-them nuts but they don’t generally like to surface and it’s going to be REALLY hard to catch them in manifest. Probably only manifests in rituals and such. She’s definitely got a spirit of antichrist and a spirit of jezebel, leviathan and unless I miss my guess, kundalini is going to be there too. Leviathan (pride) goes wherever jezebel goes. And she’s highly involved in tantric yoga. And so I’m sure she’s “achieved” kundalini. And if all of them are there I think it’s only safe to surmise that lucifer is going to be there too. There’s a party in there and the whole gang is there. No need to manifest to know most of them are there. She would have to renounce the New Age, the Illuminati and other stuff though before they could be removed. Problem for her is if you leave the Illuminati you better be sure you are under the Blood of Christ because that is going to be your only means of defense against them. And no telling what would happen to her network and stuff. But if they did that there would be a massive uprising of women across the world demanding justice for her murder. So they would probably just make it look like an accident. They’re good at that. lol But thanks again for the unaltered footage.

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