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Paul Walker’s “Death Hoax” Never Happened

Paul Walker’s “Death Hoax” Never Happened

Reports of the death of Paul Walker were clouded by a fake “death hoax” report from a website which posts nearly identical death hoax articles for hundreds of celebrities. In short, there was not a death hoax for Paul Walker the day before he died.

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12/1/13 Update: A photo is circulating allegedly shows Walker injured in a hospital bed, with an accompanying story that his reps confirmed he is still alive. That photo is not of Paul Walker. Read the full story here: Fake Paul Walker Photo Circulates Amid Hoax Confusion

12/3/13 Update: There is also a video alleging to show Walker denying his death reports. For that story, see: Hoax: Paul Walker Video Claiming to Show Actor Denying His Death Reports

When initial reports of Paul Walker’s death hit the news, fans went online to see if these reports were in fact true. Many of these fans found a report of a Paul Walker “death hoax” from the website Mediamass, with a date of November 29.

Mediamass, however, posts hundreds of “death hoax” articles for celebrities who are still living – and never actually had death hoaxes in their names. Below is a screenshot for a similar “death hoax” story on Mediamass about John Travolta. There have been no death hoaxes recently about Travolta, nor were there any such hoaxes about Paul Walker.


There were no death hoaxes about John Travolta either.

The stories on Mediamass are all virtually the same, and the site automatically updates the dates of these articles to keep the stories “recent,” thus the automatically-generated date of November 29 for Walker’s story.

A “death hoax” article similar to the Travolta screenshot above also existed for Paul Walker – until the actor died. Once word of the actor’s death became verified news, Mediamass changed the story “confirming” Walker’s death. By this point, many fans had seen the original “death hoax” article and posted it to “refute” Walker’s death. Some questioned why there was a “death hoax” for Walker a day before his death.


There was, however, no Paul Walker death hoax on November 29. Readers had found the fake Mediamass article with that date  – and which is duplicated for virtually all celebrities and is complete fiction.

See our complete article on Mediamass here.

Bottom Line
Paul Walker’s death was not a hoax, and there was not a death hoax the day before his death.

Article updated 12/1/2013

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  • Todd

    John Doe (and anyone else that believes there was a hoax on Friday) – please produce 1 twitter handle that tweeted about Paul Walker’s death on Friday. I am betting you cannot, because it simply did not happen. Also, what forum did Walker’s publicist use to refute the hoax? Put up, or shut up!

  • Kriss

    I agree with John Doe. Waffles at Noon is certainly hiding behind something, they posted not less than three articles about this Mediamass website.
    RIP Paul.

    • waffles

      Actually, we have posted many more articles about Mediamass, along with sites such as The Onion and The Daily Currant. By all means feel free to believe the content posted on that website if you prefer.

      We are trying to confirm Walker’s death, which you acknowledged with “RIP Paul.” Mediamass seeks to add confusion to this fact. Aren’t we agreeing that Walker is dead?

  • John Doe

    My Friends and I work in the TV/Film biz and on Friday we had heard about Paul’s passing through Facebook, twitter and so on… but we all assumed it was a hoax… then Saturday he really did die.

    There really was a hoax and the author of the story above is totally wrong or they are part of the conspiracy.

    • waffles

      Check those links on Facebook. They are probably directed to the Mediamass article, which was published long before Friday.

  • janayulia

    Actor Paul Walker — a self-styled adrenaline junkie best known for his role in “The Fast and the Furious” movies — was killed Saturday

  • Ron

    RIP Paul walker, prayers for your loved ones.

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