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Will Obamacare Require RFID Chips in Humans by March 23 2013?

Will Obamacare Require RFID Chips in Humans by March 23 2013?

A rumor states that American citizens will be required to be implanted with a microchip in their hand or forehead as part of Obamacare. Is this real or a hoax?

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It’s not true.

The Rumor: Microchipping and the Book of Revelations
The rumor states that Obamacare will require all US citizens to be implanted with a tracking microchip. It is often related to prophecy in the book of Revelations in the Bible.

Revelations 13 states:

16. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
17. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

One variant of the online rumor states:

This new Health Care (Obamacare) law requires an RFID chip implanted in all of us. This chip will not only contain your personal information with tracking capability but it will also be linked to your bank account. And get this, Page 1004 of the new law (dictating the timing of this chip), reads, and I quote: “Not later than 36 months after the date of the enactment”. It is now the law of the land that by March 23rd 2013 we will all be required to have an RFID chip underneath our skin and this chip will be link to our bank accounts as well as have our personal records and tracking capability built into it…

This is actually two unrelated images: A blood glucose monitor and a diagram of a pet microchip.

HR 3200
What rumor mongers are circulating is a complete misinterpretation of part of an earlier bill that was never even passed. 

One of the first attempts at Obamacare was HR 3200, also known as America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009. In this bill, there was a section that called for a “National Device Registry.” This was meant to keep a registry of all medical devices. A couple of phrases within this section apparently raised eyebrows of conspiracy theorists:

‘‘(A) is or has been used in or on a patient; and

‘‘(B) is—
2 ‘‘(i) a class III device; or
3 ‘‘(ii) a class II device that is implantable, life-supporting, or life-sustaining.”

Seeing “in or on a patient” along with “implantable” are the only things that anywhere resemble the “embedded microchip” rumor.

This, however,  is merely legalese for stating that any devices – inside or outside of a patient – would be subject to the device registry. There was no requirement for a device to be implanted in humans.

And let’s not forget that HR 3200 was not passed and did not become law. The legislation that eventually became law did not contain the “device registry” nor does it mention RFID chips or implantation of devices.

The Photo
A photo is often circulated with the RFID story as “proof” that these microchips exist. The photo, however,  is doctored and combines two unrelated images. The first image shows fingers holding a microchip. This is actually microchip to be used in continuous glucose monitoring in humans. The rest of the graphic is taken from a 2008 illustration by How Stuff Works which describing pet microchipping. The words “Pet Microchip” in the original were replaced with “RFID Chip” in the hoax version.

Sources of original photos: Glucose and Pet Microchipping.

Full text of HR 3200 here.

2013 Fake Stories

In 2013, a series of RFID-related articles by the satirical National Report website have been circulated by those unaware of the farcical nature of the site.

  • Were Wyoming Christians Forced Obamacare RFID Chipping? (November 2013)
  • Are Wyoming Schools Implanting RFID Chips Without Parental Consent? (October 2013)
  • Are RFID Chips Being Implemented in Hanna, Wyoming? (July 2013)

Have you heard this rumor? Give us your take on it!

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  • Dennis Paul Habern

    If this worthless POS that takes up space in the White House, desires to implement
    his chip program, then permit him to be the first one to act its first customer. Similar,
    if this worthless POS desires to implement a gun control program, then, and only
    then, must he submit a plan to confiscate all guns owned by criminals in the U.S.

    • John Baker

      Reading for comprehension isn’t your strong suite, is it? There is no chip program.

  • Doris Brown

    Christian’s ,We need to pray! The Bible is fulfilling! All I can say, is if you dont. no Jesus, ask him to come into your heart and to save you! Jesus is the only way! God bless you all!

  • Luis

    Why all the name calling. The chip is ready to be emplanted. It is called the mark of the beast. I believe he must be revealed first. The question is who? Time will tell. Hitler was also a type of the beast. But he was not.

    • Jermaine

      That really don’t matter who because the Church will be raptured up before this take place real bible blood bought believers. Don’t believe every word a man tell you it’s in the bible. Study to show thyself approved. The Holy Spirit will reveal the truth to you.

  • Nicole

    Screw you lucifer, you and the other satanist and atheist will regret saying that about God! I guaranteed you will believe in him once you die, you will be crying out to God to help you and he won’t come unless you truly mean it, repent now and accept Jesus in your heart right now and he’ll forgive you and accept you into his kingdom, he doesn’t want his children to suffer a painful death in hell. It’s not pretty down there, you will truly regret it, ask forgiveness now because the end is very near, all the non believers will say that the Christians have been right along, repent now while you can. I really don’t believe you name is Lucifer. Also letting you know that Jesus loves you and that there is still time to cleanse your sins away. So stop making fun of God! He is the almighty!

  • Josin

    its gettin late guyss…repend urself b holy
    Coming of christ is near…jesus says ‘I am the way and I am the truth’ Read the bible get urself saved..May god bless huever read dis..In the name of Jesus christ Amen…dis is a request from a 18 year old boyy…He is still Alive…Rependdd plssssssss….Die for jesus:)

  • JJ Maquina

    You are so very right!!!!! Please look at this site for my responce to the cluster f-k person and if you need any help with further with other notable things we can talk…my name and phone # is on my comment!

  • JJ Maquina

    The world as you so stated as being a “Cluster F–k”, is just that, or at least the world that we (Americans) live in everyday seems to becoming, however; speaking for myself, I do not think it is GOD ordained but being laid out systematically by the “Author of confussion and The father of lies”, which of course is Satan. Perhaps you would better understand these end times by looking up the September 20th. 1973 issue of the Senior Scholistic Magizine ( I found it on microfilm in my libraries archives) and look at the front cover, which shows several high school kids with numbers tattooed on their forheads and the caption stating “Private Rights and Public Needs. The article so states that “first the marks on the items then the marks on the bodies”. This he, Dr. Ferrel, discusses his newly invented “UPC CODE”, which you and I have come to know as the bar code found on items for sale. Then if you are still not satisfied find articles about the “Head hand scan machines” made in Lubboc (sic) Texas since 1982 that are designed to read the marks on the hand and or foreheads. ” Then find two books by “Dr. Mary Stuart Relph from 1981-1982 called “When your money fails” and “The new money system.” Clearly showing how this all ties in with what you seem to be unaware of or uninterested in believing. Then if this does not convience you go to the July issue of TIME MAGAZINE (1998) and read where it states, ” That in the not to distant future you can track your daughters money spending by a chip planted underneath her skin…

  • sammm

    I hope all of u who are struggling to understand that god is real i pray u open ur eyes an see that an he loves us all GOD BLESS ALL OF U :)

  • MskdHrror

    I’ve been following this issue, and many issues related it
    to me, it’s not a religious issue; but one of freedom – CHOICE!
    it doesn’t matter if it’s safe, or even a good idea
    the point is they will take away our right to refuse it, just like ”Obamacare” does
    it’s coming, and it will happen unless we fight it

    • JJ Maquina

      How can you change destiny? John the revelator sqw the end times. we as mortals can not change what was set in motion before the foundations of the world was even created by the one true GOD. We can not change what GOD will allow to happen, however; we can change ourselves. You have a great spirt>

  • Rudolf

    We are suppose to show Fathers love to a dying world, but here we ar fighting ppl that doesnt believe in Father. Rather than been the salt of the earth and the light. Jrsus came 2 heal the sick, so who are we 2 judge there is only One, that is without sin and it is Jesus…..

  • Jesse

    All of you guys who are posting all this stuff about ignorance , Don’t do it like that
    What does condemming somebody going to do? Make them upset? Its not going to help ..
    Don’t Judge people , tell them about the love of God .. you can’t change anybody , only God can

    • Jermaine

      That’s right Jesse , amen!!!

  • confused

    So as I read these comments I see nothing but ppl judging ppl not one time have I seen a comment that dad with the question in perspective which happens to be something that is going to affect everyone not just one person.


    Anna you hit the nail on the head, the bible tells us the signs and they are here for sure. As for the most of you I agree. And for those of you who do not believe in our Lord Jesus Christ I do hope no I pray you find him soon before your souls are lost for eternity. Meanwhile I will keep yall in my prays.
    God Bless Every One

  • Gestapo

    God Believer! I agree with you bro, people who says that God doesn’t exist is a real moron plus they are brainwashed. These people should read the bible and understand it. If God didn’t exist where we came from really. Hell is real, Satan’s is real and God is real. If there’s God there’s a bell so there’s heaven and hell.

    • John Baker

      And of course you have something a bit more concrete than your own personal beliefs and opinions to back up those claims, I assume….

  • Patrick

    If you’re ok with your life meaning less then a stick of gum that’s ok, but keep God out of your mouth you insecure trash, because as an Atheist that’s all you’re worth.

  • Your Conscious

    Am I that little voice in your head? I am not sure but one thing I do know is that
    Whoever this “Lucifer” troll is, they sure got your goat. The answer to the RUMOUR is that “IT’S NOT TRUE”.
    Why are you all here trying to reform a troll when there are so many things you could be enjoying. Like becoming more imformed on what is really going on around you.
    When was the last time you went outside, went to church, had lunch with a friend, visited a sick friend or family member, helped out at a shelter or nursing home even if it’s to listen to someone talk? Or read a book or watch a movie with your family? Maybe volunteer at an Animal Shelter, read to a classroom of special needs children or just a room of kids?
    Get off of the computer and turn it OFF.
    Now do something with your life.

    • Jermaine

      Because God loves Him too, it’s not his fault my job is to spread the truth, this will save his soul so that he can make it to heaven. Doing good deeds trying to be a good person don’t make you right in the sight of God we must have faith in Him and that’s by spreading his word reaching out to the lost, broke hearted, hurting individuals. This man Lucifer need Gods love too

  • Anna

    Theres bin so many signs thats says n the bible that if it happends it means its close to the end of the world n the chip is one and i think obama sud not do THIS!!! :(

  • Jenny

    Best thing I read all day! Couldn’t have put it better myself. God bless!

  • God’s anointed

    I wish there was a place to like this !!! Right on buddy and God Bless

  • Kev

    2nd this^ all facts. PERIOD. Curiouser49 makes me wanna castrate myself, sorry for context.

  • patrick

    Ahahah This is so funny. All their smart ass “tricks” saying – its NOT mandatory. There are hundreds of ways to make you WANT to implant this thing. For example you are in the hospital with some serious decease and they can do something like this – “we’ve updated all our medical equipment and we can’t help you unless you have a chip. Our equipment just can’t work this way. So you either implant this thing or die. hoho” boom. You’re done. It just the matter of time when it happens

  • Bobby G

    They are running behind, its May and I dont have one yet.

    • waffles

      Maybe there’s a backlog? 😉

  • raven

    What I find hilarious is first of all, that people are saying this is mandatory, but also that this is the mark of the beast. If it was the mark of the beast, wouldn’t the rapture have already come by now, since it doesn’t happen until AFTER Jesus’ coming?

  • b-rad

    LOL did you just happen to throw some numbers together to get people scared… Well guess what, its April 9th and NOTHING HAPPENED! this article is to tell people like you (retards) that the whole RFID chip is bogus!!!!! GAHHHH!!!! stupid people really piss me off… And i’m not a religious person but i have accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior, but some of you people really need to just chill, because you are making Christians look retarded!!!

  • waffles

    There is nothing in any legislation requiring anything to be implanted in people. Despite scary warnings, no one can give proof because it doesn’t exist. There was a device *registry* proposed – which would only keep track of all medical devices, implanted or otherwise. This did not require anything to be implanted.

    • LoganFive

      You’re right, but no matter how many times you tell people, or show them the actual words that they claim say we are all getting chipped by last week They still read what they want. Remember the people you are dealing with. These are the people who are the best at reading words and changing the meaning of what they are saying, to what they want it to say. So many of these people and their religions claim to read from the same bible, same words, but they all change what they say it means to better fit how they want to live. All they down to every other pew in the same church. It’s no wonder, even if you take out the way the bible came about, you still have all these people fighting and arguing based on teachings of a book of words that aren’t even the same words that were supposedly written in the first place.People still actually believe Jesus was born in a manger. If the translators can’t get the simple things right, then how about the imporant stuff humans are arguing and killing over? Idiots.

  • wafflesatnoonscamsite

    dont worry about the chip, worry about the wrist band every student in school will be wearing under kind obambumz rule starting under the new COMMON CORE curriculum. And if you don’t google it right now, now that you know about, it will be too late as it is already in our schools.

  • Dibs

    Just watching a documentary with the scientist who is working on this and has a chip in him. He stated that it will be used in Obama care and that Obama actually named it class 2. he also during his presentation shows a picture of the chip. It is a RDIF chip no questions. He said that he and others are also working on it to be replacement for all IDs, passports, money etc… It is in the works. Your idea that this is just a rumor is a lie.

  • None

    It may not happen on this exact day but it is coming

  • None

    Oh you will have choice but if you dont get you’ll basically be excommunicated from modern society cause the old dollar wont be worth anyting

    Look up the one world currency or the “Ameuro” i believe it was

    Or how about the north american union ever heard of that?

  • calmone

    Why does everyone want to blame Obama? This has been the plan long before him and won’t be implemented until long after he’s gone. When the masses accept the chip it will happen. Remember checks? How often do you write one anymore. They gave us something easier to use. At first many were sceptical, then most have accepted the debit card. It will be the same with the chip. It will be YOUR CHOICE. As for all of you that think “the end is near” , they have been saying that since Jesus was nailed to the cross. As was then, the end is always one day nearer then it was yesterday.

  • Rational Man

    Well, here it is… March 25th and like every other stupid prophesy you nutcase religious morons put forth… it didn’t happen. Solved it! Oh dear… I’m going to hell… I don’t believe in your God or any of the other man made gods. Don’t bother to tell me I’m on the side of the devil or Satan either because you made him up as well. Why don’t you get off your illiterate asses and do something productive with your lives? I understand why you ‘wonderder’ about things, you lack education and the ability to THINK.

  • lnla

    This Obama chip, is it true or not true? People have been telling me that its true and that we all need it, and people have been telling me that its not true and don’t worry about it, and that its just a hoax. If its true, why would the so called “President of America” do that to all of us humans? I mean, why would we need it anyway? Its the mark of the beast, we humans don’t need that mark, its an evil mark. I don’t believe in the 666 the evil one, I believe in God, our wonderful savior. If I had a chance to say something to our so called president, I would clearly speak my mind about this “Obama Chip”, and if its true, I wish all of us humans and citizens of America can vote against it. Obama shouldn’t be our President if he wants to do this, he isn’t the right kind of President if he wants to do this. I’m just speaking my mind about this whole “Obama Chip”.

  • Davos

    Anyone who believes the US Government would do anything so extreme and costly needs a reality check.

    Why would they need to implant trackers when everyone who has a cell phone carries one around with them voluntarily?

    Got Sat nav in your car / boat / plane? Ever thought why the US government provide this ‘free’ service?

    Have a nice day

  • Mina

    There is no “Book of Revelations” – there is THE REVELATION, singular. Geeze. Get it right, people.

  • DustyMonk

    The amount of stupid found in this comment section is downright hilarious.
    Stay classy Internet.

  • Believer_3

    The ignorance of people discust me!! Everyone believes what they want to believe what they see what they read!! And FYI not everything on” you tube “is accurate information!! This ain’t Gona happen its a hoax !! Do your research!! If you trust in God then you should have no worries!! Because what’s meant to be will be!! End of story!!

  • flat bush

    Some people already have the chip implant. look it up on you tube. I watched a vid of a teacher asking a Senator and congressman why we needed a chip in our bodies. They said “It’s good for us”. Put down your $5 cup of coffee and look outside your cubicle. Drones to watch us 24/7, DHS gearing up, gun control. It’s coming and fast.

  • Cas

    You’ve done the research and yet the link you choose to post is a youtube video? Cause you know… youtube videos are so accurate. lol.

    Learn how to do proper research and post links that are actually trustworthy and maybe people will take you seriously.

  • joe

    I can promise all you this I will be fighting back you can lay down and die like dogs but I WILL NOT!! if this is real bring it on, I will do everything I can to fight and survive if you are with me then good if not don’t stand in my way

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