Cat’s Meow Review

Cat’s Meow Review

Cat’s Meow is a cat toy advertised on television. Read our Cat’s Meow review from editors and readers.

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About Cat’s Meow

Cat’s Meow is a toy which is said to mimic the action of a rodent scurrying underneath a nylon cover. This is achieved by a ball attached to a wand controlled by a battery-operated motor.

How much does Cat’s Meow cost?

Cat’s Meow costs $19.99 plus $9.95 processing and handling for a total cost of $29.94. This includes two units, without additional shipping for the second unit.

(Note in 2013 the cost was $19.99 plus $7.99 P&H. The second “free” unit was an extra $7.99. This pricing changed in early 2014)

Cat's Meow Review

This is the Cat’s Meow website as of February 2014

Our Cat’s Meow Review

We tested out a Cat’s Meow with two cats over a 7-day period. As with many cat toys, our cats seemed interested initially, but lost interest after a few days.

Not all cats play the same, nor do they all play like the ones depicted in the television ad below. For example, one of our cats didn’t just play with the toy, he literally assaulted the Cat’s Meow and managed to drag it around the house, nearly destroying it. The other cat watched it with interest, but she never actually played with it. Their initial interest in the toy was short-lived. Again, not all cats are the same. Yours may not lose interest as quickly.

Materials: Initially we had few problems with operation or breakage, although the unit didn’t strike us as crafted from particularly high-quality materials. After a few days, however, the Cat’s Meow was damaged beyond repair by our aggressive male cat.

Billing complaints. We have had complaints from consumers regarding the billing process when ordering online. In some cases, confusion in the online ordering process has led multiple orders being placed. You can find a couple of these complaints over on Ripoff Report.

Television commercial 
Below is a television commercial that has been airing – mostly on weekends – since April 2013.

Text of the above commercial
Your cat gets bored and wants to play, but that can spell trouble when you’re away. Introducing Cat’s Meow, the exciting new cat toy that keeps your kitty entertained at play both night and day. Just press the button and watch Cat’s Meow silently attract your pet instantly as she tries to catch the peekaboo wand. No matter what their age, cats love to stalk and pounce on prey. It’s a natural instinct that won’t go away. Just like scurrying mouse, Cat’s Meow swings back and forth, peeking in and out of the carousel cover with random movements. It speeds up and slows down, then it surprises the kitty by changing directions when you least expect it, so your cat will never get bored. Now you see it, now you don’t. Come one or come all. It’s so crazy, your cats will go crazy for Cat’s Meow. Older cats can get fat and lazy, and that’s not healthy. With Cat’s Meow, your cat is so active, you’ll turn lazy kitty into crazy kitty. No matter how old or slow, your cat will be as playful as a kitten. Made of durable nylon, Cat’s Meow will last for years. Even when your cat catches the mouse, Cat’s Meow just keeps on running. Battery operated, Cat’s Meow operates anywhere your cat likes to play. You’ll enjoy hours of fun watching your cat and mouse. Cat’s Meow gives kitty a place to play and stops them from tearing away. Now order your very own Cat’s Meow for the special TV price of just $19.99. Let your kitty enjoy hours of Cat’s Meow fun. But wait. Call right now and you’ll get a second Cat’s Meow free, just play separate processing and handling. Cat’s Meow is the perfect gift for every cat lover. You get it all: 2 Cat’s Meows for $19.99, so call or click now. 

Bottom Line

If you believe your cat would play with the Cat’s Meow without quickly losing interest, it may be an option to consider, but we feel it’s somewhat expensive for a cat toy of questionable construction. Local pet stores are filled with cat toys from a wide variety of price ranges, none of which require shipping costs or a month-long wait to receive. If you really want to try Cat’s Meow, it is available in many stores in the As Seen on TV section.

Your Cat’s Meow Review

What has been your experience with Cat’s Meow cat toy? Let us hear from you in the comments below.


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  • Mike Johnson

    We got one today cat love’s it , had too put it away now our kitty is asleep after 2 hour’s of fun

  • Jo Langley

    Our cat is 20 years old which is ancient. We bought this for him. He looked at it at first but now he can’t get enough of it. He jumps on it, throws it in the air by getting his claws caught in it, sits on it and generally won’t stop playing with it. If he has a heart attack whilst playing with this, at least he’ll die happy. Brilliant toy.

  • Chris Hutchings

    Save your money. This product is junk. I should have read the reviews before I purchased it. I bought it today, installed the brand new Duracell batteries, and it ran for five minutes max and quit. More new batteries did not get it going again. It is dead. Five minutes is all it ran and then died. The cat never had a chance to play with it. I’ll be getting a refund on this junk.

  • Jenn

    Great toy but it only works for maybe a month if your lucky. Just changed the batteries and it won’t spin :( poor cats just waiting!

  • Cat Health Tips

    I’ve tried using this to annoy our pet dog and it’s really hilarious but the good thing is I’ve never sensed any presence of mouse in our home.

  • Lynne Blackmon

    I am very dis satisfied with this product. I bought on at Walgreens had it for about 4 days then it started making an awful noise which got on my nerves. Took it back and got another one, WELL the same thing happened same noise and it’s like the tail gets stuck and squeeks and makes a loud grunting noise. My two cats and two ferrets really liked it until the noise. Don’t know if i can return it a second time,also don’t have the receipt.

  • Afsoon

    I find this product to be a cruel way to abuse the cat’s instinct to catch mice or attack moving object to keep the cats frustrated. As long as the machine is on the poor cat wants to chase it while getting tired and frustrated yet it can’t quit, because it is innate to want to catch the moving object. What if you were a cat, irked and can’t stop nor catch you prey!

  • Nancy Robertson

    Don’t bother with this brand. Cat’s Meow Toy is total junk compared to the Mystery Motion brand Petsmart carries. I bought both and my cat plays with both, but the one from Petsmart is of higher quality and it has variable speeds in case your cat is scared off by constant high speed like that of the Cat’s Meow brand. Also, Mystery Motion is quiet! The cat’s meow brand is loud and squeaky! Pay the extra few dollars and buy the one at Petsmart!! My cat likes it much better!!

  • Sabrina

    I really wish I had checked out others comments before wasting twenty bucks on this peice of crap my cat was interested she tried to play with it the whole one minute it worked (with brand new batteries in it) I even checked batteries putting 3 new ones in an again it worked for 1 min an off again, so to anyone thinking of buying this DONT I made my own out of an old broken portable CD player super easy works for hours cat loves it

  • Kimberly

    My cats love the toy and play with it for hours. I’ve had the toy for about a month and on the second set of batteries. I wish they sold replacement nylon covers.

  • Sheila

    Just got ours last night.

    BEWARE: Firstly when I ordered this, they were having a two for one sale (you only paid for the extra shipping). When I was buying it on their site, I clicked “NO” to the extra toy as I only wanted one and to pay one shipping. There is no ability to view your total before you purchase. I entered my card details and guess what? I was charged the extra shipping even though I checked off the “NO” box.
    DO NOT buy this directly from the Cat’s Meow site.
    I called to complain and he told me they were removing the extra shipping from the order since the payment had not gone through.
    GUESS what? I was still charged for two and received two in the mail.
    PRODUCT: For some reason they shipped us the “delux” with different speeds (slow, medium, fast, random). This worked fine until we chose random. Now no matter what speed you choose, it only does random. This is after about 10 minutes of coming out of the package.

    WHY didn’t I find this site before I bought it!

  • missy wilcox

    My cat loves it , she even figured out how to turn it on !! She kicks at button with her back leg until it comes on .She does it several times a day!!!!!

  • Rohan

    Purchased in Australia on a buy one get one free for our cat and daughters cat. What a waste of money.

    Both cats just sit there and look at the “tail” going around.

    Obviously the advertisement uses very young kittens. So much for “is your cat over weight”.

    Does not work as well as my moving my big toe to stimulate the cat.

    Utter waste of money, plus heavy on battery usage.

  • Paula

    Don’t waste your money. I bought this for a Christmas gift. I never saw my cat play with it. He just looked. The next mornig it was broken. I wasted $20, plus the cost of “c” batteries.

  • Pat

    I am shocked at the negative comments here. I bought mine at Walgreens knowing if it didn’t work out I could return it. I also bought an eight pack of “C” batteries. (their brand). I but it together and turned it on. LOL He freaked out and hid under the table. Later on in the evening I turned it on again and he creeped closer and started to play with it.. It’s a fabulous product! I just changed the batteries after over a month of use. He did get very aggressive with it and therefore the Ball with the tail is history but the rod still zooms around and I super glued that in. Fabulous Cat toy!!!

  • Tim Gasper

    Mine worked fine for about 10 minutes, then just stopped moving and I tried everything to get it going but no luck. The cats loved it while it worked, but $20.00 is a lot to spend for 10 minutes of fun.

  • Holly Stinson

    Worked for 5 minutes, then started making horrible noises. Changed batteries, still makes noises. Wish I had the receipt, I would return it in a heartbeat! Yes, the more expensive the toy, the more useless it is. Get your cat a paper bag (if you can still get one at your local store) and a twist-tie and they will be amused for a long time for far less money.

  • sindee

    Anyone have whiskers pulled out or cut off after getting this toy???? The only thing new is this toy, and Buddy has one side cut in half.. Plus I found one whisker in the wand/ball

  • lynn podnar

    Very unhappy. Want my money back

  • Elle

    A piece of crap. Got one as a present from an out of town cat lover, but it never worked no matter what. Can’t return it because no receipt. Save your money and give the cats a string or a pull tab from a milk carton to play with.

  • Barbie Hazen

    My Cat just turned 12 years old. I have tried so many different toys for her, but she is not interested. I finally purchased the “Cats Meow”…she played with it…amazingly. I am always home when she plays with it, so I make sure I turn it off when she isn’t playing. Well, the first one I bought lasted about a month or two before the motor died. I threw it away, and yes there is a wire around the edge of the yellow circle, which I think I’d prefer to take out. I purchased another “Cats Meow”, as my cat seemed to have missed it, and this one stops on its own. I have to either hit the stick or bang the motor part for it to restart. Too bad these problems aren’t corrected, as it is a neat toy.

  • alison brown

    Bought for Christmas gone off by New Years Feel cheated

  • pam

    I baught this at walmart.. batteries lasted about 5 hours.. I then went n baught rechargable batteries n a battery pack.. jus to realize the motor fried.. waste of money.. but my cats did love it while it lasted..

  • Gladys rock dashikis

    Our two cats love this toy. It keeps them amused for quite a while. They play about three times a day. I shut it off after half hour to save on batteries. They go and sit by it often so I will turn it on. Batteries lasted about a month. Great toy! They never get sick of it! Hope another fantastic toy will be coming soon.

  • Purcey

    Need to get a replacement piece for the mouse tail. Is there an e-mail or 800 # to reach the company?

  • James

    I purchased mine at a store assembled it and turned it on it made whirling and grinding noises so loud it scared my cat returning it and get something less noisy.

  • rick and leeann perales

    I bought one. The when I got it home, batteries worked for 10 minutes and the motor fried. Went and got another one, put new batteries in, and it stop working after 15 minutes of my cats playing with it. My cats really did love it.

  • barb

    my cats absolutely loved this toy! one month after
    i bought it, it just stopped working and all they could do is watch and wait and wait and wait…sad :(

  • Pat

    There are a lot of these on the market, but I believe they are pretty much the same as the Cat’s Meow and the Hot Pursuit. They are both junk, and I hate to admit that I have a total of 6 of these pieces of junk, four of them don’t work anymore. I also just ordered 6 more Cat’s Meow so that I have enough for all the cats and some spares. My six 8 month old kittens absolutely love these. If I get anywhere near them, they are right there waiting for me to turn them on. Any that are not there will come running for anywhere else in the house as soon as I turn them on. I purchased a battery charger and rechargeable batteries so that I don’t have to buy so many batteries. As popular as these are, I would think someone would come up with a better made product. One that has a motion detector to turn it on, and a detector when it isn’t being played with to turn off. A better motor, even one using D batteries might help. I would even pay more money for it if it would last longer and be sturdier.

  • Linda Rescoe

    My poor kitty is in withdrawal! My sister bought the Cat’s Meow. I had told her that they were too expensive, I did not think it would hold kitty’s interest and I would not buy one. She felt sorry for my kitty. The batteries have lasted exactly one week each set. We are now in the 3rd week and I have not replaced the batteries but will do so today and give her one more week as she lays on it waiting for me to start it, and then try to hide the toy while she is napping. Poor kitty..broke me.

  • Marie

    Cats meow is alright. One of cats is scared of it and the other one lost interest quickly.

  • Rol

    Best cat toy of modern times!! My two tabbies never tire of it! Also, built to last and a good value…


  • Tracey Hall

    I have four cats of different ages…and they all show interest in the Cat’s Meow. The squeaking does drive the humans crazy, however! My cats take turns playing with it..sometimes only a couple play..but that’s the way, my price wasn’t as high as many of you… is great for price!

  • drew

    Cats Meow may be made with quality plastic! The motor is weak and it stops working after 2-3 min. my 2 cats (11 months old)love it but just stare when it quits working. To me it is a $20.00 POS!!!!!!! Nothing beats playing with your cat using a string @ the end of a yardstick.

  • Larry Cowper

    We bought 3 within a month , all 3 worked for about 1 week and quit . Not worth the money , a waste of time .

  • jaxin pitt

    DO NOT PURCHASE!!!! It never worked

  • http://[email protected] Toni

    My 6 year old tuxedo is enchanted by it and sits on it, waiting for me to turn it on again. Unfortunately, it whirs so loud, my husband can’t stand the noise. And kitty can’t play with it alone because it stops constantly and I have to get it going again. Great idea, bad execution.

  • Kristy

    We bought this toy, put new batteries in it & it worked for 5 mins & stopped so we exchanged it. We put new batteries in the new one, but it wouldn’t even move. Piece of poo!!! Do not waste your money!!!!

  • Penny

    Yes I bought this toy for my two babies for Christmas. It eats up the batteries and the cheap wand broke off in one week! It still runs but has no wand now as it broke off flush to where you put it in the disc. Only after one week its broke. Cheaply made!!! OUt 20 bucks! My cats did like it though! Won’t buy another one!!!

  • Jeepers

    I bought two Cat’s Meows for Christmas and gave one to my son with new batteries for his cat. He couldn’t get it to work at all. I tried the one I kept a week later with new batteries and the lights came on, it hummed but it won’t spin either. That’s two cheap China made crappy cat toys!!! I’m out the $$$ as there’s no return address or phone #. BUYER BEWARE!!!

  • Sami Jones

    Our cat just sat and looked it. She touched the “tail” a few times and went back to just watching it. We even filmed her. She soon got bored and jumped on the windowsill. Will be returned to Bed Bath & Beyond along with the batteries.

  • pat curran

    My cat likes it but the cover is in shreds after 1 day

  • Terri

    My 2 cats love this toy! Unfortunately the “durable” nylon cover has not lasted for years! We have the toy for less than a month and it has already frayed and ripped so was removed. They still play with it but not with as much vigor as before. We too found that the batteries do not last very long after turning it on, even for a short while. It’s unfortunate that it is so cheaply made and costs as much as it does. We won’t be buying another after this one wears out unless some dramatic improvements are made.


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