Dutch Glow Reviews: Does it Really Work? (Jan 2015 Update)

Dutch Glow Reviews: Does it Really Work? (Jan 2015 Update)

Dutch Glow “Amish Wood Milk” is a furniture polish which is advertised as a way to clean, polish, and nourish wood surfaces. Read our Dutch Glow reviews from editors and readers.

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About Dutch Glow

The makers of Dutch Glow “Amish Wood Milk” claim to offer a “pure and simple” furniture polish based on a century-old Amish woodworker’s formula that will break down years of wax buildup. This is said to be achieved without any sticky residue or wax buildup. The product is advertised as working on any wood surface.

The official product website is, which was registered in November 2013. You can contact the company by phone at 855-721-3351, or by email at [email protected]

Below is a screenshot of the official website as seen in March 2014. As of January 2015, the website has not changed:

dutch glow review

How much does Dutch Glow cost?

Online: Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk costs $10 plus $7.95 shipping for a total of $17.95. A second “free” set is included for another $7.95 – which you cannot opt out of when ordering online. There is also a $2 “processing fee” applied to all orders. This means your total cost will actually be $27.90, not $10 as they advertise on their website and in television commercials.

There is a 30-day money back guarantee, less shipping. So if you return the product, you’ll get your $10 back, but you’ll still be out $15.90 in shipping. Shipping takes 4 to 6 weeks.

Beware that some customers have mistakenly selected two SETS, believing this is how they would get their second free bottle. This, however, would be purchasing an entirely second set, for another $27.90, for a total closer to $60.

In stores: Amish Wood Milk can now be found in stores such as Bed, Bath & Beyond for about $10.

Television commercial

Below is a TV ad for Dutch Glow, which we have spotted on such channels as the Game Show Network:

Transcript of the television commercial above:

Crafty chemical companies have deceived us for generations. Once you start using their furniture polishes, you have to keep more and more layers just to create a false shine. Finally, there’s a pure and simple furniture polish from a pure and simple people. Introducing Dutch Glow. Based on a century old Amish woodworker’s formula, it easily cleans, polishes, and nourishes all the woodwork in your home. The simple ingredients in Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk break down years of wax buildup revealing your furniture’s natural glow. Look how you can turn an antique flea market find into a gold mine. Did you know most water rings are actually a discoloration in wax buildup? Dutch Glow easily removes those embarrassing heat rings and water marks. And in the kitchen it’s like a magician on your cabinets, removing cooking grease, smoke stains, and fingerprints that build up over time.

“My company cleans thousands of homes and offices every year and the only thing we trust on wood is Dutch Glow.”

The Amish would never ruin their furniture with paste wax or silicone sprays because it leaves a sticky residue that attracts dirt and dust. We cleaned half of this dining room table with Dutch Glow and broke open a down pillow to prove Dutch Glow does not attract dust like other products. When you use Dutch Glow, you’ll clean less often. Use Dutch Glow on oak, cherry, pine, maple, teak, hickory, and on any painted wood surface, too.

“We sell some of the finest cabinetry and hardwood flooring available, and we recommend Dutch Glow to all of our customers.”

Treat your wood as only the Amish could. Call now and get your bottle of Dutch Glow for just $10. We’ll also include a second bottle of Dutch Glow with our special wood floor nozzle. Just pay separate shipping and processing. But if you call right now, we’ll even include our jumbo microfiber polishing cloth absolutely free. You get it all, a huge value for just $10. Here’s how to order.

Note that there is a different version of the commercial above which can be seen on the official website. Some references to “Amish” are removed, as well as the word “crafty” to describe chemical companies.

Our Dutch Glow Review

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The producers of Dutch Glow “Amish Wood Milk” make the bold assertion that they discovered a “century-old Amish woodworker’s formula” but offered no proof whatsoever about this “discovery.” In fact, the website offers little information on the company which produces Dutch Glow. We view the claim that they somehow acquired an old Amish woodworker’s formula with skepticism, and this claim feels more like a marketing tool than an absolute fact.

After ordering Dutch Glow in early 2014, we began receiving sales calls, including one which told us as a “courtesy” that we had been automatically enrolled (without asking our permission) in a special money-saving program, which would be renewed every month, which we could cancel within a month. We had to have the sales rep remove this subscription that we did not want.

Dutch Glow lists no ingredients on the label, so there is no way of knowing what you are applying to your wood furniture. The instructions state that you need to shake the bottle before using, but this instruction does not appear on the bottle itself.

In our tests of the product, we found that it performed about as good as cheap department store wood cleaners such as Pledge. We could not duplicate some of the demonstrations in the commercials, including the lack of waxy residue.

The problems associated with Dutch Glow are two-fold. There is the questionable ordering process in which some consumers were confused and ordered more product than they wanted. This could easily be remedied by an order confirmation screen, which does not exist. It can also be avoided now that Dutch Glow is available in stores. The other complaint about Dutch Glow is that it simply doesn’t work as advertised, or at least no better than cheaper alternatives. Several online reviewers have reported that inexpensive wood cleaners performed as well or better than Dutch Glow.

A minority of consumers have reported that Dutch Glow worked well for them. This could be affected by such factors as type of wood and technique of application. If you have had success with Dutch Glow, please tell us your experience below.

Skewed Reviews

Several online sites display a low star rating for Dutch Glow, which is presumably affected by early customers frustrated by the ordering process. This is often the case with As Seen on TV products which experience slow shipping in the early stages. Thus star ratings such as these should be taken with a grain of salt.


As the Google Trends chart below shows, Dutch Glow experienced its initial significant surge in interest in March 2014. That was when the product was highly marketed but had not yet arrived in stores. Smaller surges appeared in July 2014 and November 2014, and a significant surge occurred in late December 2014.

Bottom Line

Now that Dutch Glow is available in stores, it is recommended that you purchase it locally to avoid shipping and sales frustrations. The furniture polish is average at best, and we doubt the claims that the formula has anything to do with an Amish woodworker.

If you absolutely must try Dutch Glow, it is readily available locally, so you would be best advised to go that route in order to avoid shipping charges and delays.

Your Dutch Glow Reviews

Have you used Dutch Glow? Give us your reviews in the comments below.

Revised January 1, 2015
Originally published March 2014

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  • Nancy H. Stewart

    Glad I found this website. I bought a bottle – not online as I never buy anything from TV. The sprayer didn’t work. Took it back and the sales person tried two other bottles and the sprayer didn’t work. Refunded my money. So glad I found this website so now I know better then to even try it. Thanks so much.

  • Susan

    Beware! You will not be abel to see your total until it is charged to your card. I thought I ordered $27.90 but was charged $79. I tried to call , but got a recording. After several calls and an e-mail, I was told the $79 was right and I would have to pay return shipping!

  • cristina torre larroca

    I placed an order for one bottle and I end up spending $48, I want to cancel and the customer service phone number does not work

  • Billy mike

    well I’m sure glad I researched this crap before I bought.

  • Elaine

    Not only does it not work, the shipping and handling charges outrageous but after ordering they keep calling trying to get me to “confirm” my address. When I asked why they wanted to confirm it they said they wanted to send me a $100 gas card. The guy just kept repeating my address and told me to just say yes if that was my correct address. I suspect that if you say yes they will sign you up for more of their scams. Don’t put your info on their website, wish I hadn’t.

  • Shirley

    I wish I’d seen this website before I ordered, as I, too, was duped. The phone person? kept yakking about another product….and I finally hung up, but received 6 bottles and 2 clothes that were offered, but I didn’t accept. I called and could send back for refund of product, but pay for return shipping and the $33 that was their shipping & handling. And the product isn’t easy to use and does no better than products from Home Depot or the grocery store. I would advise to NOT use phone or website to order this product.

  • Jill

    I, too, am grateful for everyone’s sharing of experience with Dutch Glow. I was smitten with the commercial but wanted to research online before purchasing any. I’m so glad I didn’t! Thanks all.

  • Toni McDonell

    Thank you all for your comments I was going to order it because my cabin has great wood flooring and I wanted to clean it up with this so called wonderful product now I’m glad I read all these comments, thanx again folks.

    • johnrhett

      Wow, don’t use it on a floor! The Materials Safety Data Sheet says that mechanical ventilation is REQUIRED for this product with a minimum total air exchange rate of at least every 15 minutes. If you have french doors that you could keep open, I guess it would be OK. First try Murphy’s wood soap to clean up the floor and see how much that helps.

  • Marjie

    I haven’t tried this product but I already can say I will never do business with them ever again. My cabinets are older and we can’t afford to redo our kitchen right now. I saw the products advertised on television and since it seemed so convincing, I thought we should give it a try. Well the ordering process is nothing but a sham…they keep asking you over and over if you would like something else included for a super terrific price and even though you are trying of get the order done and over with the ‘carrot on the stick’ keeps going and yes the prices are great…. BUT they don’t tell you that they are screwing you with shipping costs until you hit the process my order button. You can’t review the final cost of the order with shipping until you click the button and that’s when you find out you’ve been had. You can’t choose to opt out of your order. When you finally call and get hold of someone they tell you the order has already been placed or send you on a wild goose chase to call someone else or e-mail them. I left several messages, both text and voice mail to cancel my order. When I finally got hold of someone they said I could mail it back for a full refund…that being of the product itself but not the shipping. My product total was $37.00 and my shipping was $53.00. You do the math….This is the worst company I have ever ordered from. Save lots of money and time and go to Home Depot where they have a much better product that will do as Amish Milk claims to do for a whole lot less!

  • Patti j Christian

    I was going to order. I am sorry to say the problems you shared saved me. I did find it on Amzaon. If I deside to try it later, I will buy from a place where I am protected. Thanks again.

    • gruntled

      With all the negative reviews, why would you even THINK of trying it “later”?

  • Sheryl

    I got dupped! The ordering process was misleading and i ended up paying $61 for what i thought would be only $10. I tried to cancel before it shipped within 24 hours but theytold me it had already shipped. Found out it shipped 3 days after my call. Scam artists to be sure. STAY AWAY!!

  • Jackie

    Ordered this 8 weeks ago and haven’t seen it yet. Called customer service and got through in a few minutes. They said it was back ordered. Should get it in a couple of weeks. We will see! But sounds like I am going to be dissappointed when I go to use it. DANG!!

  • Sherry

    Thanks for the warnings! I was looking into buying this and after reading all the comments, I’m so glad I didn’t. Sorry for everyone else’s misfortune.

  • Hillary

    Total scam! They never answer their emails, it’s been over a month and not received my product. I wish I never ordered! Don’t do it!!!!

  • Karen

    I will not buy it again. I bought on bottle for $5.00 and got three “free.” The four bottles were $20.00. The shipping and handling was $33.80. They make their money with shipping and handling charges. The furniture polish isn’t any better than you can anywhere, or not as good. I called also to send it back, but I would still be out the $33.80 handling. I will never, ever buy this again.

  • Jennifer

    This product not only didn’t work but damaged my teak furniture.

  • Jennifer

    This product does not do anything it says on the commercial. Do not buy!!!

  • Anne

    Would it be possible those people that have had the unfortunate bad luck with this company contact their consumers protection agency and file a formal complaint against this company? Or, contact the BBB in their area and again file a formal complaint? Just a thought. I have used both of these companies before and came out on top. Good luck to all. I sure won’t be buying this product on line.

    • gruntled

      The fact that the scammers can keep on advertising this should tell you all you need to know about consumer protection in this country. A sad, sad joke!

  • tim

    saw the commercial ,was skeptical.Googled the product and saw nothing but negative reviews.This seems to be a scam.Wake up people,do some checking first.

  • Sue

    Dodged THAT bullet!! Thank you everybody for the warnings. It is nice to know there are decent people out there who will warn others of ripoffs. Thanks again. Going to try the 100% mineral spirits that Kim from above recommended.

    • Sandyest company

      So glad I read these comments! I was ready to order from one more dishonest company. It seems that there aren’t many decent companies
      any more.

      • gruntled

        I wonder- do the TV stations that accept advertising from scam companies have any responsibility? I’m inclined to think they should.

  • Deena

    I am so glad I found this website. I had my credit card out ready to purchase Dutch Glow off their website when I decided to read some reviews. All I want is to remove some white rings on my wood coffee table! I would have been screwed big time if I had fallen for their ad. Some consumer reporting commission should be on this one! Thanks again.

    • gruntled

      I would try some good old-fashioned paste wax on the table. I think you can even get wax specially for dark wood. Or apply an appropriate shade of Minwax stain (carefully) to the ring.

  • Jules

    Thanks for all the feedback. It really helped in making the decision as to whether to purchase this product or not. After reading your feedback I will not be purchasing.

  • Kellie

    I ordered Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk and it is garbage! It doesn’t do anything. As a matter of fact it leaves white spots, it doesn’t do what they claim it does. Don’t waste your money on this product!!

  • eckhard thalwitz

    Our experience with the Dutch-Glow co has been horrendous.
    We tried to order one can of Dutch-Glow on line and when we came
    to Check-Out our bill was $ 79.70 . We aborted immediately without
    going through Check-Out.
    After that we tried to order by phone, ‘what a nightmare”.
    For 20 minutes we sat , listen to all the extra orders and said no to all of them. We only wanted 1 can of Dutch-Glow.
    2 days later we received 10 cans of polish and a bill for $125.00.
    We called the same day we were told , they could not help us and
    gave us the number of the Main-Office.
    Then we called 4 times, only got a Tape.
    1 last resort was an E-Mail . We never got a response either from
    the calls or E-Mail. Finally we called our Credit CARD Company and
    asked for a Charge Back.
    We feel that the authorities should step in.

    • gruntled

      If you didn’t click “Place Order”, you shouldn’t have to pay!

  • Cvas

    Some ppl need to read everything b4 u place an order!!!!!! That includes tabs located clearly for u to review!!!!!!!!! Read the offer!!!! Does it say u can buy one???!!!??? No it doesn’t!!!! READ PPL!!!!!

  • Jodie

    I had the same issues, the web site is poorly set up and it’s very deceiving. I ended up paying $50 for four bottles of furniture polish ( I only ordered two) that works no better than a $3.00 bottle that you buy at the store. Very disappointed.

  • michelle

    DO NOT BUY! They sent and charged more then I agreed to. To top it off it doesn’t work any better then a drug store cleaner. BUYER BEWARE!

  • Judith Williams

    Because of the web site design there is no way to review and/or revise an order — it is immediately submitted. An request to cancel cancel the order within minutes of being submitted has been denied with the offer of a $5.00 credit. I cannot review the product since I haven’t yet received it, but the customer service is unacceptable. In this age of computers the order should have been able to be cancelled with the click of a mouse. Now I am forced to contest credit card charges and deal with returning the package when it arrives.

  • karen d miller

    I ordered the t.v. offer. One offer “buy one get 2nd bottle just pay shipping”. I refused every other offer and before I received my “Glow” I received a phone call trying to sell me other products that they could add to my order. I said to the girl “I am surprised my order hasn’t been shipped” and she said that it may have been. So that tells me “Dutch Glow” is giving out my info #1. #2 my order came – 6 bottles all the same and a receipt for $64.70. I called immediately and I have no recourse except to send it back and lose all shipping & processing plus the cost for sending it back —–totaling All for a loss$36.80.


    DutchGlow is a ripoff my case thats how I felt. I did not submit the order at the end..I was charged any way. They called me and wanted to verify all my information for order completion,,I objected and asked them not to charge my card.
    I got transferred 3 times…but my order was not cancelled.
    Still pending cancellation from my credit card…stay away from this company.

  • howard gustin

    Product might be fine but the marketing co. sucks. Charged me for four when I ordered one. No refund for their shipping or handling; which costs more than the product. Will not use again

    • jimmmyjet

      I fell for their tricky ad and bought the second bottle believing that was the “buy one – get one” deal. I ended up with 4 12-oz containers and was charged $51.00. I’ll loose $31.80 if I send back this junk to those crooks.

      • Juliana Ormsby

        I learned the hard way that the “Shipping and HANDLING” costs are exorbitant hidden fees. One Christmas this piece of junk “Stompies” had a TV ad flashing bright colors, children jumping, screaming, playing, and everyone having a grand old time. My granddaughter who was three or four happened to see a “Stompies” ad. Although she rarely watched TV, something about that ad grabbed her, and soon she kept asking her dad, “Where are my Stompies?” Being the over-indulgent grandmother that I am, no matter how much I hated Stompies, I had to send for them. They ended up costing me a fortune, and after that Christmas season, I never saw them again. When I was a little girl, I saw and ad in the back of a magazine that advertised: “A hundred dolls for a dollar.” Because I always got a perfect report card, I said to my mom, “Some kids get a dollar for a perfect report card.” Thinking she had just ignored me (as all her five children got perfect report cards,) I was puzzled when I receive an envelope in the mail one day. Enclosed were my 100 dolls.

        • Juliana Ormsby

          Sorry my last comment got cut off. I was telling you about the “100 dolls for a dollar.” Turns out the ‘dolls’ were simply printed on a sheet of paper. Why didn’t I learn way back then about the power of advertising. I’m still being duped until this day. STOMPIES! ARGHHHH!

  • Jordanderaps

    Does it work for bamboo cause i have a long board and it like really dirty

    • Kim Sprout

      My family installs all types of wood flooring. We use 100% mineral spirits to clean adhesive spots after installation. You can buy this at any hardware store. Zep hardwood & laminate floor cleaner is another good product that dosen’t streak like most cleaners.


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